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Getting ready for 36EUDXF Activity Month in November

Only a few days to go until the 36EUDXF Activity Month kicks off.

During November a number of special event stations celebrating 36 Years of EUDXF will be active.
Confirmed thus far are  DL36EUDXF  -OO36EUDXF – PA36EUDXF – PB36EUDXF – PC36EUDXF – PD36EUDXF – PE36EUDXF – PF36EUDXF – PH36EUDXF – PI36EUDXF – TM36EUDX and UE36EUF and a few more are yet to be confirmed. This line up promises a lot of 36EUDXF activity. Worth to mention is that not all stations will be there the full month so activity will be spread out over November.

Also part of this tradition is the special 36EUDXF Award which will become available. Final rules are depending on the definite number of SeS stations so the rules will be published in a few days.

Is your country missing in the list of SeS callsigns, feel free to join and contact alex PA1AW for information.