Welcome to the website of the European DX Foundation (EUDXF), the first and only all European Foundation to support DX activities.

Our goal is to support DX-ers and expeditions (e.g. financial support, printing of QSL-cards) to allow the DX-community in Europe a fair share in their work. We also supply equipment to those in rare countries who cannot afford their own.


DP0POL/mm and DP1POL

Organizing an Antarctic expedition in the times of COVID19 is quite a challenge, so the German polar institute (AWI) had to find a different approach to the logistics for the upcoming Antarctic summer season. All transports will be carried out by ship directly from Germany. There is only a small team of about 20 technicians and scientists traveling to Neumayer Station, Antarctica, this year. YL Theresa (DC1TH) and Felix (DL5XL) will be part of that group.

During the voyage, from December 20 for about one month, Felix will opeate DP0POL/mm from the research ice breaker “Polarstern”, mainly in CW and digital modes. From mid-January to mid-March 2021, DL5XL expects to be active from the research station “Neumayer III” signing DP1POL.
The ham station in Antarctica is equipped for HF and QO-100 satellite. Clubcall DP0GVN may also be used at times by other operators.

QSL manager for DP0POL/mm and DP0GVN is DL5EBE, QSL cards for DP1POL will be handled by DL1ZBO (direct, bureau or LotW for all call signs).

CU from Antarctica

73, Felix, DL5XL (DP1POL)
EUDXF Life Member

More info on the Neumayer Station III

EUDXF supports the Z66DX DXpedition to Kosovo

The EUDXF Board of Directors decided to support the just completed Z66DX DXpedition to Kosovo.
Although this DXpedition does not comply to the funding rules set it was decided that because of the current special situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic the team deserves EUDXF support.

More information on the teams website:  http://www.z66dx.de/

Changes in the EUDXF Board

In the past weeks it became clear that Kenneth LA7GIA decided to step back as a EUDXF Board member.
Unfortunately there would be no AGM this year due to the Covid-19 situation which forced the remaining boardmembers to carefully check the rules to find a solution. As a result Achim DF3EC was asked to take the vacant seat as he was the runner-up during the last held AGM. Achim accepted the request and became EUDXF Board Member again.

The EUDXF Board like to say THANK YOU to Kenneth LA7GIA for his period as board member and expecially for the fresh ideas he brought with him.
Also THANK YOU Achim for taking the vacant position in the board.


Ken Opskar

Prof. Dr. Achim Rogmann
Board Member