Welcome to the website of the European DX Foundation (EUDXF), the first and only all European Foundation to support DX activities.

Our goal is to support DX-ers and expeditions (e.g. financial support, printing of QSL-cards) to allow the DX-community in Europe a fair share in their work. We also supply equipment to those in rare countries who cannot afford their own.

EUDXF supports the A35EU DXpedition to Tonga

The EUDXF Board decided to support the upcoming A35EU DXpedition to Tonga.

The team consists of Martin PA4WM, Tom GM4FDM, Pat EI5IX and Ronald PA3EWP.
The team will arrive on the Island November 15 and will be active starting Friday November 16th until Tuesday November 27th.

Operation will be  10-160 meter in CW/SSB/RTTY and some FT8.
Focus will be on Europe.
Tonga is on the most wanted list #70 for Europe (#57 for Western Europe)

IOTA:  OC-049 Tongatapu group

The station:

  • K3 + Tokyo High Power 1.1 KW
  • K3 + Expert 1.3
  • K2 + homemade amplifier 600W
  • Interfaces Microham MK2


  • inverted L for 160m
  • Monoband verticals for 40 and 80m
  • VDA’s for 30, 20 and 17m
  • combined vertical for 10,12 and 15m

More information on the teams website: http://tonga.lldxt.eu



Jo OE4VIE will sign OE32EUDXF to celebrate 32 years of EUDXF during the November EUDXF Activity Month.

OE32EUDXF will be active starting November 1st until November 17th.


VP6D Press Release #10

Press Release #10
September 21 , 2018

VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DX-pedition

The VP6D – Ducie Island 2018 project is on schedule.

We are excited to announce the availability of DXA during VP6D. Bob
Schmieder KK6EK of Cordell Expeditions offered the use of DXA and we gladly

By pointing your browser to http://www.dxa3.org/vp6d/ DXA allows anyone
with an ordinary browser to see VP6D activity, in near real time. Within 60
seconds of your contact with VP6D, the browser page is automatically updated
to show your call sign, this confirms that your contact is in the log (DXA
reads the VP6D log). This process eliminates the need for duplicate
contacts on the same band / mode and minimizes the confusion caused by
pirates or other DX-peditions operating at the same time.

During our equipment consolidation weekend in California we performed an end
to end DXA test: N1MM => BGAN => Inmarsat satellite => DXA3 server =>
laptop. We are confident that DXA will significantly reduce, or eliminate,
the hundreds of e-mails asking for “log checks”. If you see your call sign
on DXA you’re in the log. Thanks to Bob KK6EK, Pete W6OP and the DXA team
for their support.

Speaking of logs, we will upload the log every day to the VP6D.com – Log
Search tab. We do not use Clublog and there is no Leaderboard.

With the loan of a portable 6m EME antenna – Lance W7GJ – has prepared the
VP6D team to put Ducie Island on 6 EME for the first time ever. Operation
will be on 50.200 JT65. We intend to be active at Ducie moonrise on most
days and occasionally during moonset. Watch our Twitter feed for up to the
minute information.

Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for updates from the island. We installed
and tested a bridge between our Garmin inReach =>Twitter =>Facebook.

The cost of this project is ~$175,000(USD). To date, we are at 87% of our
donation target. Our goal is all donations plus OQRS income will cover 50%
of the project cost, with the team members paying the remaining 50%. There’s
still time for you to join the hundreds of DXers, and many foundations,
clubs and corporate entities already on the list.

There will be at least 3 DX-peditions operating in the Pacific during Oct /
Nov. Please make sure you’re working and logging the correct DX-pedition –
VP6D operating frequencies are listed on the website. DXA will enable you
verify your VP6D contact(s).

Team Ducie – 2018

Website: www.vp6d.com

Please direct questions to: info

The EUDXF is proud sponsor of the VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DX-pedition