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EUDXF supports the 9U4WX – 9U5R DXpedition to Burundi

It is our pleasure to announce that the EUDXF Board decided to support the the 9U4WX – 9U5R DXpedition to Burundi.

Vladimir and Elvira planning activities from 80 m to 10 m in CW, SSB and FT8 with with 100 W power.


Period is February 4th for 23 days.

More information on:

The TN8K team with the EUDXF flag

The EUDXF is proud sponsor of the TN8K team

Last hurdle of 36EUDXF Activity Month

Today we finalized the 36EUDXF Activity Month by sending out the final awards to the applicaants.
So, if you applied for the award but have not received it, please send a mail to Alex PA1AW so we can get you the award.
We do not take new applicants as the deadline for the awards was 31 december 2022.

In total we received requests for 109 awards which is very much in line with earlier years, however it was clearly more difficult to obtain the contacts for the Gold en Platinum awards, only 3 applicants made the Platinum award which clearly is an achievement.

The 36EUDXF event stations in total made 28732 qso’s spread over all band and all modes, more detailed figures will be in the upcoming EUDXF newsletter.

In addition to the 109 awards also 16 awards went to the operators of the 36EUDXF event stations for their activity during the EUDXF Activity Month. A big thank you to those operators.

Most likely their will be a 37EUDXF Month in November 2023, please feel free to join with an SeS from your country.