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EUDXF WhatsApp group

The board and officers of the EUDXF for some time have a Whatsapp group that is frequently used for sharing “HOT” DX information. Since we think that the power of such a group is is in the number of members the idea came up to start an EUDXF Whatsapp group open to all members of the EUDXF. That has already happened and on the website is a form what you can use to sign up for this group. (you can find the form in the right sidebar)

The language within the group will mainly be English but it is to be expected that there will also be quick exchange of information in other european languages 😉

Our webmaster Alex PA1AW will manage the group.

EUDXF welcomes Tomi OH2ID as a new member

OH2ID, Tomi Helpiö, Espoo / Lohja, Finland


Born in 1966, I was licensed in 1982 and received the callsign OH3ID. In 2011 I got additionally the callsign OH2ID which places my station more clearly to the Helsinki-metropolitan area. My QTH is in Lohja, about 60 km west from Helsinki.

I´m especially interested in working in the HF-bands using CW. I also enjoy the occasional contest. I´m very much interested in the amateur radio technology. I´m the technical editor of the Finnish amateur radio magazine “Radioamatööri”.

As equipment I use an Elecraft K3 with P3, and my antennas are a Kelemen dipole for 80/40/30 m and verticals for 30…10 m. For 40 m band I’ve got additionally a turnstile antenna enabling circular polarization. For keying I use, besides a computer running the N1MM+-software, a Begali Magnum paddle (#34) and a Microham Microkeyer II. In 2015 I got interested in digital modes and I’m active especially in PSK and JT-modes, now also in FT-8.

Awards:   DXCC-CW (150), WAE-TOP-CW, WAC-CW, QRP-DXCC.

EUDXF welcomes Rolf DL7VEE as a new member

DL7VEE – EUDXF New Member # 940

My name is Rolf. I am married with Heidi and we have two daughters. Born in 1950, my first contact with ham radio was in 1965 at school. At that time I became a SWL. Later in February 1968 I got my first license as DM3XHF.

Previous own calls were DM3XHF, DM2CMF, DT2CMF, DM3HF, Y23MF, Y23CO and DL7VEE since 1992. I am also a passioned DXpeditioner and participated in the following DXpeditions: 2 times HBØ/DL7VEE, 3 times ZB2/DL7VEE, ZP6/DL7VEE (2008), 9XØSP & 9UØA (2010), S9DX (2011), ZK2C (2012), 5WØM (2013), T3ØD (2014), V73D (2015), 4S7GWG/4S7RTG (2016) and MD/DL7VEE (2016). My last activity as XX9D to Macao was in February 2017. All logs are still open and colour QSLs are available via the respective QSL manager.

Personally I am interested in DXing on all bands in CW, SSB and Digimodes, collecting band points and from time to time participating in contests and collecting difficult awards. I am QRV from 160 m to 2 m on CW, SSB, RTTY, JT65 and FT8. QSL is 100% sure via direct, bureau, LoTW or via ClubLog OQRS. For my DXpeditions I only reply to incoming QSLs. Please send me a mail in case of missing confirmations.

Since December 2012 I have again confirmed DXCC HONOR ROLL Nr. 1 in MIXED & Phone by ARRL. My current DXCC ARRL scores are (31-DEC-2016): MIXED 339, SSB 339, CW 338, Digimodes 332

Best 73s,

Rolf, DL7VEE