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36EUDXF Activity Month is in a flow

Halfway through the activity month it is time to see where we are…..

With 13 active stations and over 15000K qso’s in the log we can speak of a real November Activity Month, and we’re only halfway there.

The appearance of the surprise VK36EUDXF station from Down Under added another dimension to the broad activity from Europe.

Due to last minute changes in the participants, it unfortunately took a few days in November before we were able to determine the final 36EUDXF Award rules.
We have already received several applications for the 36EUDXF Award, including those for the gold award.

There are still plenty of opportunities with half a month to go.

HA36EUDXF – Another 36EUDXF station joins the party

EUDXF Members from Hungary lead by Laci HA5MA also join the 36EUDXF party
More info on https://www.qrz.com/db/HA36EUDXF

A nice extra challenge to obtain the 36EUDXF award

VK36EUDXF… The party is getting bigger and bigger

Tom, SP7WT & VK2WM joins the celebrations from down-under and operates VK36EUDXF.

A nice proof that EUDXF members are found all over the world.

A nice extra challenge to obtain the 36EUDXF award