EUDXF Board member Hans PB2T winner of the ‘Roy Stevens G2BVN Memorial Trophy’

The winners of the ‘Roy Stevens G2BVN Memorial Trophy’ were announced during the meeting of the IARU Region 1 Conference on October 24, 2021. Hans Blondeel Timmerman (PB2T) and also Ole Garpestad (LA2RR) have been added to the illustrious company of winners of this trophy. The coveted trophy is awarded to radio amateurs who have best illustrated the work and dedication of Roy Stevens (G2BVN) in international amateur radio. Radio amateurs from all over the world are eligible. The decision regarding the award of the trophy was made by an independent panel, chaired this year by SARL Secretary Dennis Green (ZS4BS).

Hans Blondeel Timmerman (PB2T) was chairman of IARU Region 1 from 2008 to 2014 and the secretary for the last four years. Before that, Hans Blondeel Timmerman was a member of the Executive Committee from 2002 and chairman of the Region 1 External Relations Committee. Hans Blondeel Timmerman has been IARU Satellite Advisor since 2016 and chairs the global IARU panel that coordinates frequency allocations for satellites in amateur frequencies. In addition, he has been widely involved in ITU and CEPT affairs. He has also led activities related to critical agenda items for amateur radio services in CEPT matters in preparation for the World Radio Conferences.

The EUDXF is proud to have Hans PB2T as a Board Member and we like to congratulate him with this well deserved award!


Short Summary from the EUDXF AGM 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the EUDXF took place in Bad Bentheim, Germany, on 24 August 2019. The full meeting minutes will be available soon. Highlights were the results of the triennial Board elections and the nomination of Jan PA1TT/DJ5AN as a Life Member.

Board Election Results
51,5% of the EUDXF members participated in the elections. Dom, DL5EBE, received 90.6% of the votes and was re-elected as President.
The election results for the Board Members are as follows:
Ron, PA3EWP, received 75,4% of the votes and was re-elected as a Board Member.
Hans, PB2T, received 59.4% of the votes and was re-elected as a Board Member.
Jan, DJ8NK, received 50.7% of the votes and was re-elected as a Board Member.
Achim, DF3EC, and Ken, LA7GIA, received both 47.1% of the votes. Because of the tie between DF3EC and LA7GIA, DF3EC decided to withdraw his nomination, giving the Board of Directors the chance for an even more European mix by opening the way to Ken. Achim’s decision was accepted and much appreciated by all present members. As a result, LA7GIA was elected as a new Board Member. Achim, DF3EC, was appointed as advisor to the Board.
Sigi, DL7DF, received 33.3% of the votes.
Dieter, DJ9ON, received 21.0% of the votes.
Rag, LA5HE, received 15.9% of the votes.

Jan Stadman DJ5AN/PA1TT appointed as Life Member #51
The EUDXF has awarded Jan Stadman DJ5AN/PA1TT with life membership for his many years of dedicated service in support to the EUDXF. Jan has been the face of EUDXF at the Ham Radio hamfest in Friedrichshafen for many years. His efforts there and at other events led to a steady increase in the number of members.