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From the new elected EUDXF President

Dear EUDXF members,

Yesterday we got the results of your voting for the new board and as already mentioned, the composition of the new board is as follows: Achim DF3EC, Ronald PA3EWP, Hans PB2T and our newcomer Pista HA5AO. The other newcomer is myself as the new president.

First of all I like to thank all voters for their effort to choose the new board and giving us the trust to lead the foundation for the coming years.

I’m looking forward to serve the foundation and together with the board members I would like to work on getting more members joining as this will increase the financial support we can provide to DXpeditions and humanitarian support. However, I will also like to find ways to give something back to the members, in the form of webinars, workshops, etc. or other activities.

I like to thank the former president, Dom DL5EBE for his 6 years in office and for all the good achievements he made. Dom has done a great job in getting me up to speed for the new job and a big thank you is well placed here.

I also like to thank the board members who served during the last term for their support.

Although I mentioned already about initiatives we will be working on and bringing the foundation to a next level, we also need the input from our members. So please, if you have comments, remarks or suggestions, feel free to contact me directly.

Now the DXpedition activities are taking up again, I wish you success in DXing for the remainder of 2022.

Kind regards,

Gerben A.Menting – PG5M