In November PB30EUDXF was activated. In hindsight not the best period because my QRL needed a lot of attention and I could be less QRV than desired. Also the conditions didn’t cooperate. Yet a lot of QSO’s were put in the log. Activating the EUDXF-call was a nice way to put the foundation on the map. I rarely had to explain the EUDXF-suffix or had to repeat the suffix. In short, the activity has certainly contributed to the well known reputation of the foundation.

73, Gert PA2LO / PB30EUDXF




my name is Florian, PB8DX and half October till half November I held the call-sign PE30EUDXF. As I don’t have a station at home I did operate this special call only from PI4COM. I had bad luck because my amplifier broke a month before and I hadn’t had a chance to get it fixed by then so the activity remained just a 100w. We have good antennas at our clubstation so as long as there was good propagation, i could work plenty of stations.

A few weeks before I came back from my travels in south Europe and small part of north Africa (EA7/EA9/ZB and CN) and I was looking for a job back in Holland. So plenty of time to do radio and even stayed a few times overnight to do some activities on the lowbands as PE30EUDXF.

I did about 50% SSB and 50% fast digi modes and a little CW to those who requested. I remember well a nice backscatter pileup I had on 12m, the antenna was beaming towards Africa and I worked several very loud stations from Russia, as soon as I start turning the antenna towards Russia the signal disappeared. The other thing I remember was the nice pile on 160 during the CQ WW SSB. I was doing SOSB 160 PB8DX but at the second night I was out of stations, just auto-CQ’ing for possible S&P stations that would pass by. So I decided to activate PE30EUDXF for a short while, obviously as soon as I got on the cluster the response was massive, just what I needed ;).  After all I did it to support the EUDXF and had real fun doing it. Hereby i congratulate the foundation for 30 years of existence and I hope to see all of you in Friedrichshafen.

73 and a good DX in 2017,

PB8DX Florian


Hi All

I`m Martin, PE1NCP, and since a couple of mounth member off the EUDX Foundation.

I saw on the cluster that some P…30EUDXF stations where active, and i thought ask Ronald,PA3EWP if it was possible to be active with a Call. So December was free for the call PH30EUDXF.

I was Active from 1 dec untill 28 dec.  It was a lot off FUN, to work sometime a litlle PILEUP..HI.. It was not neccesary to work split.

Last 2 weeks the propagation was verry bad, even to work Europe was of and on very LOW signals, but anyway, managed to work a little over 2300 qso`s. So many thanks for al the stations who worked me with this special call.

Hope to do it sometime again… with other Call…


Best regards

Martin, PE1NCP