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Celebrating the 37th anniversary of the EUDXF

The 37EUDXF Activity Month in the month of November

Members are invited to join this activity by activating Special Event Stations in the various countries.
We would like to invite our members you to join this EUDXF Activity Month to bring as much as possible EUDXF activity from as many as possible countries. A special callsign featuring 37EUDXF will bring a clear label and link to the 37EUDXF Activity Month. At the time of writing 9 stations have already confirmed their participation.

Like in the previous years we are also going to link a nice award to the activity, details will follow as soon as we have a clear picture of countries participating.

Any initiative is welcome.
The EUDXF supports where necessary with, authorization fees, printing of QSL cards and/or QSL management.

Please do not hesitate to contact undersigned when you have any questions or better; wish to join the 37EUDXF Activit Month.

Alex PA1AW
EUDXF Office Manager.