EUDXF Workshop 2019

Today the EUDXF Board and the EUDXF officers gathered at Jan DJ5AN for the annual workshop discussing past, present and future of the European DX Foundation. With board members DL5EBE and LA7GIA joining the meeting by Skype the whole team was present some new plans were discussed.

Just 1 day left in the EUDXF activity month

At this moment over 35.000 QSO’S are in the logs of the various 33EUDX(F) special event stations. Some of these station are allready QRt and some will be there for the last day tomorrow. Also the last day to catch that missing QSO for the 33 EUDXF Award. Please read the 33EUDXF Award rules as they differ from previous years.
Please note that ZS33EUDXF was not active, so you do not need him for the Platimum Award.

EUDXF Activity Month Final

I think it is safe to say that November was the EUDXF Activity Month without a doubt.

So far approximately 35.000 QSO’s are in the log of the various SES stations and still some days to go.
The bad news is that due to circumstancial reasons ZS33EUDXF could not be active.
Consequently this station is also no longer part of the 33EUDXF Award requirements.

Despite the more difficult rules in respect to previous years, so far more then 60 applications are received for the 33EUXF Award.