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EUDXF supported DX

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A nice preview of the 9X4X QSL of the recent EUDXF supported DXpedition to Rwanda.

Their full story will be in our next EUDXF Newsletter

EUDXF supports the 7P8RU DXpedition to Lesotho

The EUDXF board decided to support the 7P8RU DXpedition currently active from from Lesotho.
The team consisting of R7AL, RA1ZZ, RW9JZ, OK8AU, R5EC, RU3UR will operate on 160 – 6m, CW, SSB and Digital modes.

More info on the teams website

QSL via R7AL, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW.

EUDXF supports the 3DA0RU DXpedition to Kingdom of Eswatini

The EUDXF Board of Directors decided to support the upcoming DXpedition to the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland).

CallSign:  3DA0RU
DXCC entry:  Eswatini (3DA0)
QTH:  nr Mbabane
ITU zone:  57
CQ zone:  38
GRID square:  KG53pk

The Plan:
20.10.2021: Expedition start. Team meeting in Moscow. Departure to Johanesburg, South Africa.

21.10.2021: The way from Johanesburg airport to the QTH in Eswatini by the car.
22.10.2021: Setup the station and first antennas at our QTH.
22.10.2021 until 07.11.2021: 3DA0RU on the air!
                                                     Activity on the air from Eswatini and continue to setting up new antennas.

08.11.2021: 3DA0RU QRT. Dismantling the radio camp and prepare for leaving Eswatini.
09.11.2021: The team leaves Eswatini and take a way to home.

The Team:
R7AL – CW/SSB operator (A25RU, C92RU, 7Q7RU, XR0ZRC, XR1RRC, EP6RRC, C96(98)RRC, RI0C, E44RU, TA0/R7AL e.t.c.)
RW9JZ – CW operator ( A25RU, C92RU, XR0ZRC, E44RU, XR8RRC, EA6,EA8,CT9 e.t.c.)
RA1ZZ – CW operator (7Q7RU, XR1RRC, EP6RRC, C96(98)RRC, RI0C, E44RU, e.t.c.)
SP6EQZ (XR0ZRC, 8Q7SP, S79SP, 3B7SP, VK9XSP e.t.c.)
R5EC (E44RU)
RK8A (XR0ZRC, XR8RRC, EP6RRC, e.t.c.)

More information on the teams website: https://dxpedition.wixsite.com/3da0ru