EUDXF supports the 3DA0RU DXpedition to Kingdom of Eswatini

The EUDXF Board of Directors decided to support the upcoming DXpedition to the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland).

CallSign:  3DA0RU
DXCC entry:  Eswatini (3DA0)
QTH:  nr Mbabane
ITU zone:  57
CQ zone:  38
GRID square:  KG53pk

The Plan:
20.10.2021: Expedition start. Team meeting in Moscow. Departure to Johanesburg, South Africa.

21.10.2021: The way from Johanesburg airport to the QTH in Eswatini by the car.
22.10.2021: Setup the station and first antennas at our QTH.
22.10.2021 until 07.11.2021: 3DA0RU on the air!
                                                     Activity on the air from Eswatini and continue to setting up new antennas.

08.11.2021: 3DA0RU QRT. Dismantling the radio camp and prepare for leaving Eswatini.
09.11.2021: The team leaves Eswatini and take a way to home.

The Team:
R7AL – CW/SSB operator (A25RU, C92RU, 7Q7RU, XR0ZRC, XR1RRC, EP6RRC, C96(98)RRC, RI0C, E44RU, TA0/R7AL e.t.c.)
RW9JZ – CW operator ( A25RU, C92RU, XR0ZRC, E44RU, XR8RRC, EA6,EA8,CT9 e.t.c.)
RA1ZZ – CW operator (7Q7RU, XR1RRC, EP6RRC, C96(98)RRC, RI0C, E44RU, e.t.c.)
SP6EQZ (XR0ZRC, 8Q7SP, S79SP, 3B7SP, VK9XSP e.t.c.)
R5EC (E44RU)
RK8A (XR0ZRC, XR8RRC, EP6RRC, e.t.c.)

More information on the teams website:

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