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2019 EUDXF Activity Month Wrap-up

The November 2019 EUDXF activity month was indeed an activity month with clear presence of the EUDXF on all bands and modes.
The special 33EUDXF stations from France, Hungary, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands together made 34343 QSOs.

The special 33EUDXF award has been requested 239 by 143 different stations. Again a growth in interest in this special award.

So we can safely state that the 2019 EUDXF Activity Month was a great success.


As a fairly new EUDXF member (#967) I volunteered to activate one of the Dutch special event stations for the 33th anniversary of the EUDXF. I was curious to see what a special call can do compared to my ‘ordinary’ call.

When I signed up, I already indicated that my activity will be CW only, and with somewhat limited time due to the fact that I work 5 days/week and have a long commuting distance. This would mean only activity in the evenings and in the weekends. At night, man-made noise is quite an issue at my location (80 and 160m hardly usable), so in a sense it was a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, in the first two days of November I had some time and I could start off right away. The first 250 QSOs were easily made. Demand was great and I could raise some nice runs. In the weeks after I witnessed the following things.

  1. Demand gradually decreased
  2. Demand for EUDXF is predominantly coming from European stations (not a real surprise I guess)
  3. Conditions were not good. Made 23 QSOs on 18 MHz, and never used a higher band
  4. Number of QSOs were in the end nicely spread over 80, 40, 30 and 20m. This was more like a coincidence than a planned thing …
  5. Made a 30 minutes entry in the one hour UKEICC 80m CW contest (29 QSOs). A long callsign, albeit a special one, is not an advantage in such occasion …
  6. CW rules, but for higher volumes of QSOs you have to be active in other modes as well (not my cup of coffee)

Given the ability of my station (Mosley minibeam @ 10m, 30/40m vertical, 80m inv.L) I think I delivered the call to those who were really looking for it (in particular the 33EUDXF Award hunters). I had a few openings to North America and was called by some nice DX on 30m around grayline time. With a gross number of 1083 QSOs (35 dupes) I am quite satisfied. I recommend this activity to anyone who wants to play around with a special callsign. Next year’s Px34EUDXF stations will provide the fun again.

Elecraft K3, SPE 1K-FA, uKeyerII, Begali Signature paddle, N1MM+logger with ClubLog real-time upload by G7VJR

Enno Korma, PF5X.
November 2019


The Special Event Station TM33EUDX went QRT yesterday. Unfortunately the license only had a limited time so they could not be there for the full month.

With 7634 qso’s the TM33EUDX gang did a very nice job creating activity from France during the 2019 EUDXF Activity Month celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the EUropean DX Foundation.

A BIG THANK YOU to the EUDXF ambassadors from France:
F2VX Gerry, F6CUK Terry and F6EXV Paul