We received the following from the Swains2020 team:

Swains2020 W8S Breaking News:

In close cooperation with Alex Jennings, the representative of Swains Island, the team has decided to postpone the W8S DXpedition to Swains Island to autumn of 2020.

The reason behind this postponement is the travel restrictions when entering American Samoa, restrictions imposed by the Department of Health of American Samoa as a result of the Corona virus outbreak.
The Department of Health allows non-residents to enter American Samoa only via Hawaii, after a 14 days mandatory quarantine in Hawaii.

For the team this is not a workable situation. It would require extending the holiday time by an additional 2 weeks, re-routing of the flights and purchasing new tickets etc.

Everything is prepared for our DXpedition, and we are eager to go, but unfortunately the Corona virus outbreak is out of our control.

Although this is a disappointment for everyone, the W8S DXpedition is not cancelled, but just postponed for later this year!

You and/or your DX-club made a donation to the Swains DXpedition, which is very much appreciated by the whole team as that helps the team to cover some part of the investment the team already made.
However if you are considering withdrawing your donation, please just let us know.

As soon as we have the new firm date for the DXpedition we will update you and the whole DX-community.

See our website, Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and announcements.


News about T30ET – Western Kiribati

Alex 5B4ALX shares the following information with us:

Hi dear, I would like to inform you of some news on T30ET.
Air Solomon informed me on Friday about the cancellation of my return flight from Tarawa to Solomon then Brisbane in the reason of changing the weekly day of the flight (only one flight per week lands), proposing to bring forward to March 31st instead of April 2nd.
After a careful economic and impact assessment on the activities, I decided to postpone the return to April 7th.
This will involve an additional expense of over 1000 USD but I think the right choice instead of paying penalties for having two days less.

The new scheduled dates are therefore March 18 – April 7.

This will allow more people to have a T30ET log

More info:  http://www.5b4alx.cloud/racoon-dx-project/

EUDXF supports the TI9A DXpedition to Cocos Island

From February 2nd until February Feb 7th, a group of four operators will be active from Cocos Island, using the callsign TI9A.
The QTH will be Chatham Bay, which is the only suitable location for Europe.
The license is confirmed and they have all necessary permits from Parque Nacional Isla de Coco, to land and stay on Cocos Island during the above mentioned period. They will travel with the vessel Okeanos Aggressor which will depart Punta Arenas, Costa Rica, on January 30th (PM) and expect to reach Cocos Island 35-40 hours later, depending on sea conditions. Antenna installations will take place on February 1st, and operation will start the day after, at 0000 UTC on February 2nd.

The team consists of RA9USU (Team-Leader), UA3AB, RM2D (SM6LRR) and TI2JV.
They will run 3 stations simultaneously 24/7.
Main modes will be CW, SSB and FTx.
The team anticipates that there will be a high demand for FTx contact. There plan is to have 2 multi channel stations active, using Fox and Hound Mode.
The dedicated CW ops with also good SSB skills, will ensure that the three CW/SSB stations will maximize the operation and yield high rates and focus on the challenging EU path.

The team will carry 5 complete stations to the island including TS590 and K3 radio’s, and Expert 1.3, ACOM1010 and JUMA1000 amplifiers

160 meter: Inverted L on 18 m Spiderbeam + radar tower high fixing point
80 meter: 1/4-wave vertical on 18 meter Spiderbeam pole
40 meter: 4-Square
30 meter: 4-Square
20/15/10 meters: RQUAD RR-33 yagi, possibly fixed 3 element array to EU
30/17/12 meters : RQUAD RR-33 yagi, possibly fixed 3 element array to EU
RX Beverages in main directions, if needed in this low noise environment

They will start using Clublog OQRS after the return from Cocos Island to mainland Costa Rica. There will be no Internet access on Cocos Island.

All QSL via OQRS.
LOTW will be uploaded after approximately 1 month to sponsors
LOTW for the rest of the log 12 months from the end of the expedition.
Our QSL manager is UA3DX:
Nick I. Averyanov
Cvetnoj bul, 9-130,
Vlasikha, Mosk. obl. 143010