The HG3ØEUDXF story



Just after I was asked if I would like to join the EUDXF 30 year anniversary celebration with a hungarian special call sign, I sent a respective request to the HA authority to issue the special call sign HG3ØEUDXF. After a week or so I received the desired licence! Thanks a lot to the HA PTT for their very quick response!

My first QSO was made on 30th of September at 1144 UTC during my lunch break (hi) just after I had opened my direct mail. The last QSO was made on 31st of December at 1929 UTC with 12533 QSOs in the log. Steve, HA9PP, had joined me and added some 1600 QSOs on digital modes.

Whenever I went QRT at the end of the day I uploaded the HG3ØEUDXF log file to ClubLog and LoTW. Occasionally, this happened even 3 to 4 times per day, hi!


I had enjoyed many good pile-ups. However, sometimes I got really angry due to local noise, strong QSB and not having enough free time to use my radio.

The HG3ØEUDXF QSLs are currently being printed and I will start processing the cards  as soon as I will receive the big package from the printing office.

We feel proud to have participated in this great celebration! Vy 73 / 44,


Steve, HA9PP (EUDXF #792) & Laci, HAØHW (EUDXF #646)

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