7P8EUDXF by Pista HA5AO


Pista 7P8EUDXF (HA5AO)

I spent two weeks at Lesotho again, between 15 – 29 October 2016. The primary purpose of the trip was to deliver humanitarian aid and support to orphan children. I was providing clothing, shoes and school supplies.

I applied for and used the special call sign 7P8EUDXF in order to participate in the 30 year anniversary celebrations of EUDXF. I was on the air in my spare time and 4027 QSO are in the log. The noise level on the low bands (160 and 80 m) was S7 to S9+, so there was no chance to work on these bands. The higher bands were not bad, except during the second week of my stay. There was a strong geomagnetic storm K=5-6 which had killed the propagation.

The online logsearch and OQRS are available at www.ha5ao.com.

The QSL cards just left the printshop and all  direct QSL cards will be posted by the end of January.

73, Pista, HA5AO




The 7P8EUDXF shack

The 7P8EUDXF antenna

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