3D2EU update….

March 15, 2018:

The sunrise of March 14 brought the longawaited short opening to Western Europe on 80m. 20 stations from this hard to catch part of the world made it in the log.

On thursday we had to dimantle most of the station. Only one station will remain active until Friday morning. So, activity will be limited to 10, 15, 20 and 40m.

This morning we had 30,017 qso’s in the log. We are satisfied with the results and have done everything due curcumstances. We are very happy with more than 32% Europeans in the log.

All logs are uploaded to Clublog.

On Friday morning we will QRT and in the afternoon we will be on our Flight to Fiji where we will meet Tony 3D2AG, our great help to make 3D2EU possible.

DX dinner at the Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen

Also this year there will be a DX dinner for EUDXF members (and their partners) during the Ham Radio. The dinner will take place in Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang. (www.traube-tettnang.de) on Saturday 2 June 2018. Start will be around 19h00 local time.

Participation is only possible for EUDXF members who paid their annual membership dues and who made a reservation in advance.

The maximum number of seats available is 50. Reservations are on a first come first served basis. Reservations can be made until 25 May 2018, or until the maximum number of 50 is reached, via the EUDXF stand manager Jan PA1TT (pa1tt@eudxf.eu)

There will be a set menu. Special dietary requirements should be made known in advance. We hope to meet you in Tettnang.

Attention, there will be no BCC DX diner this year, so make your reservation in time!

73, Jan DJ5AN / PA1TT EUDXF Standmanager.

News from the 3D2EU team on Rotuma

March 10, 2018 – 17.00 UTC:

A short update:

We just passend 20k qso’s. With 5 days to go, reaching our goal of 30k we need a miracle.

During our Sunset and sunrise we tried to be active on 80 and 160m. The noise level on 160 is killing is. Even on the K9AY the signals are not better.

After our sunrise and sunset 20 and 17 meters are usable for Europa. We try to give the Europeans our priority above the others as this Path is very difficult and only available for a few hours compared to the other continents. The noise on 20 and 17 meters is most of the time around S5, so difficult to copy weak signals.

On Thursday we will disconnect our antennas and put them in the boxes for transport.

Hopefully we Will have à few good low band openings the coming days.

We leave Friday by plane to Suva. The boxes will be shipped by boat.

We will stay 2 days at Suva and meet our friend Tony 3D2AG, without him it would have been impossible to make this DXpedition.