EUDXF welcomes Martin PA4WM as a new member

It started all very early.
Born in 1964, my interest in the magic of radio waves started around the age of 10. In 1979, at the age of 15, I joined the Dutch Amateur Radio organization VERON, obtained an SWL number and passed my novice exam the same year.
This was the start of a very exiting hobby. Shortwave and DX attracted me from day one.
Upgraded to HF/CW shortly after, and obtained the call sign PA3DSR.
My mentor was Albert, PA0ABE. I remember visiting his station very well. It was exciting to witness the regular worldwide 10m contacts on the rise of the sunspot cycle in ‘79/80, when he was using his Yaesu FL50B transmitter and FR50B receiver combination.
During these early visits I also met his daughter Monique. We became friends, and got married a little later. Not a radio amateur herself, but a huge support in every aspect.

My first profession was in line with our hobby; Radio operator in the Royal Dutch Navy.
After 5 years at sea, I changed my profession to become a Drilling Engineer for a leading company in the world wide oil and gas industry.
With these jobs, I was lucky not only to work DX, but visit many DX countries as well.

During the 90’s I was chasing DX at a high speed, and operated in many national and international contests.
In 1998, I contacted Ronald PA3EWP and discussed possibilities for Henk PA3GCV and myself to join the Low Land DXpedition team-LLDXT on a few occasions. A few trips into the Caribbean followed.  I have very fond memories of them all, but one in particular; our entrance in the 2002 CQWWDX SSB as VP2MPA from Montserrat.



In 2003/4 I was assigned to a long drilling project in Turkey, where I was able to set up a semi permanent station, and handed out thousands of TA1 contacts.
Back home things slowed down a bit after 2005.  I was only two entities away from DXCC HR#1, KP5 and KP1, when the local suburban noise/QRM started to build up gradually. Slowly I lost interest because of the high noise floor.  My logbook entries dropped to low levels over the next years, and only for the last two needed DXCC entities I took some holidays and dusted of the PA.
Being away from home for about 7 months a year and enjoying the family life in between, contributed to the lack of radio time as well.

Today, I am still working as a Drilling Engineer in the international field, but with a little bit more time on my hands. I picked up on shortwave about two years ago. Recently I replaced my trusty 20 years old FT1000mp for a 5000.  At the same time I invested in a 7 band Ultrabeam yagi. The old Force12 did a good job, but sometimes one just wants to have a new toy.
Having missed out on the last sunspot cycle, I realize that many band slots are still open to fill. So after DXCC HR#1, 8BDXCC and other achievements, I have set new goals, and I am ready to go.

This year I joined the EUDXF, to contribute to the many DXpeditions taking place. Even in these years of minimum solar activity, I hope they continue to do so.
After 15 years of absence, it was nice to return to the Hamradio confention in Friedrichshafen Germany, where old and new friend were met at the EUDXF booth and Dinner.
Hope to see you all soon either in private or on the bands

Enjoy radio, enjoy DX

Martin, PA4WM

EUDXF welcomes Dan N6PEQ as a new member

Dan, N6PEQ, has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1986 (Novice call – KB6MZM), and an avid SWL (KDX6T) since 1974 when he was only 3 years old. His grandfather, who was first licensed in 1932, introduced him to the world of radio. Dan is active in numerous radio organizations, including holding life-membership in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), European DX Foundation (EUDXF), Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA), 10-10 International, INDEXA, OMIK and the Central States VHF Society. He is a charter member of the Piña Colada Contest Club (KP2AA). In addition, he is a member of the ARRL A-1 Operator Club, ARRL Diamond Club, Orange County DX (N6RJ), the Orange County Amateur Radio Club (W6ZE), Southern California DX Club (W6AM), the Southern California Contest Club, as well as numerous shortwave listening clubs.

Dan has been active in Amateur HF DXing and contesting. Always enjoying the challenge and excitement of making that rare DX contact, and needing only 1 more DXCC entity to have “worked them all” (3 more to have them all confirmed). He has dabbled in VHF/UHF weak-signal operating as well. Dan has had several elmers in ham radio including Jim Rafferty N6RJ (SK), Chip Margelli K7JA, Dale Piedfort KB7UB (SK), Roger Dankert N6EGC (Father) and Bill Dankert W6RII (Grandfather, SK).

Dan is a former employee of Ham Radio Outlet in Anaheim, California, and has also performed contract work for Icom America at select conventions, which have included the Dayton Hamvention, the International DX Convention in Visalia CA, Pacificon and the ARRL Southwest Division Convention

Previous DXpedition activities include operations from the Cayman Islands (ZF2RE), Cuba (CO0US), the South Cook Islands (ZK1PEQ), the U.S. Virgin Islands (KP2AA & KP2/N6PEQ), Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Martinique, and Barbados as well as other DXCC entities.

In 2003, Dan plus five other members of the Piña Colada Contest Club (KP2AA), joined forces with the Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC) in the first-ever joint Cuba-U.S. Field Day operation as COØUS & T42FD. This operation marked the first occasion where a U.S. Treasury Department Specific License was granted for a public Amateur Radio demonstration involving U.S. Amateurs.

Awards achieved include: DXCC Honor Roll, 8BDXCC, DXCC CW, DXCC SSB, DXCC Digital, DXCC Mixed, DXCC Challenge, Diamond DXCC Challenge, VUCC-50 MHz, WAS Mixed, WAS CW, WAS SSB, 5BWAZ,
CQ DX SSB Honor Roll, CQ DX CW Honor Roll, CQ DX RTTY, WPX SSB Honor Roll,
WPX CW Honor Roll, WPX Mixed Honor Roll, WAZ CW/SSB, WAZ CW, WAZ SSB, WPX Mixed, WPX CW, WPX SSB, WPX Digital, 8BWAC, WAC CW, WAC Phone, WAC Digital, WAC Mixed & 10-10 WAC

Dan is currently active on all amateur bands from 1.8 MHz through 1300 MHz, including receiving capability up to 3.3 GHz. His ham shack currently includes the following equipment:

Icom Transceivers: IC-7850LE, IC-7851, IC-9100, IC-375A & IC-7000.
Alpha Amplifiers: 87A (2x), 77Sx (2x) & “Alpha 6”
Receiving Station: Icom IC-9500

HF Antenna System:
10 Meters: 7 Element Wide-Spaced Monoband Yagi
12 Meters: 2 Element Monoband Yagi
15 Meters: 4 Element Wide-Spaced Monoband Yagi
17 Meters: 2 Ekement Monoband Yagi
20 Meters: 3 Element Wide-Spaced Monoband Yagi
30 Meters: 2 Element Monoband Yagi
40 Meters: 2 Element Wide-Spaced Monoband Yagi
60 Meters: Sloper
80 Meters: Rotatable Dipole
160 Meters: Sloper

Dan has written articles on DXpeditions and product reviews that have appeared in publications including CQ Magazine, The DX Magazine, as well as several amateur radio club newsletters. He truly enjoys promoting Amateur Radio to others, and cares deeply about the hobby. Dan was featured on the cover of CQ Magazine (April 2011), in the CQ Amateur Radio Calendar (November 2011) and on the Ham Nation video/audio podcast (December 2011). Outside of amateur radio, Dan enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, traveling, gardening and exploring new restaurants & coffee houses.

EUDXF welcomes Tom PA3TG as a new member

Hi all,

I obtained my Novice license in 2013 (PD3TG) and my Full license incl. CW in 2014 (PA3TG) but have always showed interest in Ham radio since the 80’s this was also when i got my morse notification but then stopped more or less with the hobby, i also got my maritime radio license incl. cw during the 90’s so stayed connected with the airwaves.

In the 90’s i went to sea as an officer on a merchant cargo vessel and did that for 6 years where i saw a lot of the world, after that i came to shore working for a offshore vessel company where i still travel a lot.

I am a member of the contest group PA6NB with main focus on CW.

Last year i travelled a lot to Nigeria and have obtained the callsign 5N40TG which i hopefully can activate some time in future since the stability of the country went down rapidly the last couple of months i am for the moment not allowed to travel there.

I also have the callsign A65TG since i also go several times a year to the Emirate of Sharjah in U.A.E.

But my main focus is always Africa where i have been travelling to ZS, CN, EA8, 5N , 9G till sofar and hope to visit some countries more in future.

Since i have been active from a DX country as 5N/PA3TG (Nigeria) earlier, this tastes for more and i enjoyed working the pileups both CW and SSB aswell so i am very interested if there are open spots in a future DX-pedition which i can possibly join.

Thanks and 73’s,

Tom – PA3TG