Latest from the Republic of Kosovo

from OH2BH: The weather has been warming up in Kosovo lately and is currently above the freezing mark. Many are wondering why it isn’t possible to eliminate the noise by setting up camp in the quiet open field. The underlying fact is that Pristina is more that 650m above the sea level, and this winter has been particularly cold with -13C temperatures experienced during the activation period. There are prospects in place for the final and upcoming week to operate from a better place. Driton, Z61DX, has been testing the location and reception is dramatically better than at Z60A. Continue reading

EUDXF donation delivered

The Z60A team operates from two different sites. One is on the campus of the Technical Faculty in Prishtina and the other one in a hotel some 30 km NW of the capital. After a week in which more than 30.000 QSO’s were made, we thought that we could allow ourselves to celebrate the fact that Kosovo is now a DXCC entity and that it is number one on the most wanted list. In the presence of Mr. Kreshnik Gashi, the Head of the Regulatory Authority, we looked back on how this  was achieved. Believe me this has not been easy. For our life member Martti OH2BH this was his 27th visit to Kosovo! I used the opportunity to hand over the EUDXF support to Vjollca Z61VB, the President of SHRAK (Shoqata e Radioamatorëve të Kosovës). The Z60A activity will last for another three weeks.

Market Reef FT8 Activity


MARKET REEF, OJ0BH/OJ0JR QRV: 12th–19th August 2017
Tuning the poor 20m band month after month represents a major frustration nowadays. Particularly on SSB, only the occasional DX signal breaks the sea of noise, consequently reducing activity levels even further. However, that very noise could be a new lease of life, if one were to copy signals below it. They are there every day. Indeed, with their huge antennas and state-of-the art receivers, DXers can dig even deeper into the noise and log plenty of good DX faster than one can think.
Martti, OH2BH/OJ0BH, and Henri, OH3JR/OJ0JR, will attempt to land on Market Reef this Saturday PM, weather permitting, and will immediately break the noise floor by getting FT8 QSOs underway. They will also hand out the OJ0 multiplier in the Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) and appear on a variety of traditional modes in the event of any available audible propagation. This is the week originally dedicated to a youth expedition to Market Reef, and to releasing options for selected 2018 DXpeditions, involving both youth and seasoned DX groups.
Demonstrating Amateur Radio to today’s youth thus sports a new booster shot, raising their potential interest to new heights.
A beta release of WSJT-X, version 1.8.0-rc1, included a new FT8 mode, featuring a faster turnaround, and it’s already a major breakthrough on the HF bands. FT8 offers “sensitivity down to –20 dB on the AWGN channel,” and contacts 4 times faster than JT65 or JT9. An auto-sequencing feature offers the option to respond automatically to the first decoded reply to your CQ.