EUDXF present on the DvdRA

Today the EUDXF was present at the National Day of the Radio Amateur (DvdRA) in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Many found their way to the EUDXF corner to meet other DXers and to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Today we also welcome 2 new members; PA2BK and PA3DUU.

Just before the doors opened….

The EUDXF was presented by Ronald PA3EWP, Alex PA1AW and Jan DJ5AN.


Dennis ZS4BS shares with us the Good News from South Africa:

ZS33EUDXF will join the EUDXF Activity Month.

QSO’s with ZS33EUDXF are also valid for the 33EUDXF Award.

More details will follow…..