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Hi All

I`m Martin, PE1NCP, and since a couple of mounth member off the EUDX Foundation.

I saw on the cluster that some P…30EUDXF stations where active, and i thought ask Ronald,PA3EWP if it was possible to be active with a Call. So December was free for the call PH30EUDXF.

I was Active from 1 dec untill 28 dec.  It was a lot off FUN, to work sometime a litlle PILEUP..HI.. It was not neccesary to work split.

Last 2 weeks the propagation was verry bad, even to work Europe was of and on very LOW signals, but anyway, managed to work a little over 2300 qso`s. So many thanks for al the stations who worked me with this special call.

Hope to do it sometime again… with other Call…


Best regards

Martin, PE1NCP