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pa3ewpI am Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP 55 years young, living in a small city Barendrecht, just south of Rotterdam. Since 1982 I am active on the amateur
bands, started on VHF as PDØNAL, later PE1JSV.
At the moment my preferred mode is CW, but I like also SSB and RTTY. You can find me also on some other digital modes. From home I am active from 2 meter till 60 meter, 80 and 160 meter I am only active from our contest location. Too much QRM on the low bands band in my city.
I like DX-ing, mixed mode #339, SSB #338, CW #332 and RTTY #311.
Contesting is also one of my major interests. More than 25 years member of Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM and more than a decade president of this contestgroup.
Since 1994 I like to go on DX-pedition, till now I have activated 56 DXCC countries and visited 79 countries.
My occupation is Senior IT Consultant/architect at a IT company in the southern part of the Netherlands.
My other hobbies are Travelling and Photography.
— EUDXF member (# 709) since August 2001 —