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My name is Istvan Gaspar, operator name is Pista.

I was born in 1951. I was radio operator in the military between 1971 and 1973. In 1974 I was licensed as HA7VT and changed to HA5AO in 1984. In 1973 I joined HA5KHT club station and was a very active member of the contest team until 1990. Due to family and professional commitments, I wasn’t active between 1990 and 2004. I am back on the air since 2004 and active on HF bands (mainly CW). I am DX enthusiast.
Other licenses held: T88CI, 7P8AO, YJ0AO, YJ0HA, T2HA, T30HA, T33HA, C21HA, 9M6/HA5AO, 7P8EUDXF, 3DA0AO, 5W0DX
Team member of YJ0HA, C21HA,  ZL9HR, 9M4SSL, VK9MT (team leader), TX3X (team leader), 3Y0Z. 3G9A/MM
Membership: A1 Op Club, CW Operators Club, EUDXF (Board member), GDXF, SDXF, CDXC