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EUDXF introduces Lars LB2TB as a new member

LB2TB was on the air for the very first time in the evening of January 26 1981 (Age 15). My first QSO was with DL5JP in Germany on 40 meters at 20:05 UTC. I was licensed as LA5EBA (Class A) in september 1981. On October 17 2008, after nearly 27 years as LA5EBA, I got my old “vanity” callsign back, LB2TB (still with full privileges).

In 1983, I graduated as a Radio Officer with 2nd class certificate. After a year at sea, I upgraded it to a 1st class certificate. I was only able to sail on “the seven seas” for about 1,5 years since all Norwegian vessels started to change to foreign flag.

I then went to the navy and did my service there. I was a radio operator in the Norwegian Coast Guard (Coastguard vessel “Senja”/LBHB). I served duty as a radiooperator for NATO HQ in Oslo area. I worked 5 years in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a radio officer in charge of daily communication with Norwegian embassies in more than 40 countries around the globe. I continued with the same employer as a radio technician dealing with communication both home and abroad. Total visited 67 embassies (countries). In 1994 I was engaged for 6 months as a radio operator/weather observer on Hopen Island (part of Svalbard), operating Hopen Radio/LMR on a daily basis.

I have been QRV from the following callsigns:

–  VK9CK – Cocos Keeling, 2016
– TA4/LB2TB – Side, 2012-2015
– 8S6LL – Hallo Lighthouse, Sweden, 2007 and 2010
– JW5EBA – Hopen Island ,1994 
– W5ROK – Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club in Richardson, TX , 1997
– LA5EBA/OH0 – Aland Isl., 1982

My job:

I work as a Radio Surveyor with Telenor Coast Radio, dealing with GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) on ships and offshore rigs. 

My Maritime Radio Certificates: 1983-84 2nd Class Radio Telegraphy Certificate, 1984 – 1999 1st class Radio Telegraphy Certificate (expired). Then from 2011 -> GMDSS GOC Certificate which is needed in my proffession. 

Current DXCC results:

Wkd/Cfmd mixed: 320/320
Challenge wkd/cfmd: 2378/2285

73 de Lars, LB2TB
EUDXF no. 904

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