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dj8nkI am Jan Harders, DJ8NK, born in 1937 and live in Hamburg as a retired IT-manager.

In  1962   I received my  license for the Hf-bands.  I am active on all amateur bands from 6 to 160M,  DX enthusiast with DXCC Honor Roll #1  and a DXCC score of MIXED 340, CW 339, SSB 340  and RTTY 332.

I had great fun with a lot of thrill chasing DX and climbing up the DXCC-ladder.

Finally I wished to pay something back to the DX-community and therefore went on many DX-peditions to rare islands and countries all over the globe.   Also great fun.

But I also wished to serve in a DX-club. So I became a member of the EUDXF in 1988  (#110), life member in 2000  (#15)  and member of EUDXF’s Board of Directors in 2004   and would be happy to continue this work.