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Jan Stadman since 2009 living in Germany call: DJ5AN, original from the Netherlands call: PA1TT.

Active for the EUDXF for many years as stand manager and promoting the EUDXF.

DXing already for several years having 2 SAT DXCC awards; one with a German and one with a Dutch call, issued exact one year after each other.

Biggest tops in DX ing working VP6EU and XR0ZR among other bands also on Top Band, and then working Rotuma  3D2EU  on 80m.

Biggist flop was in Sat DX were a team was on Peter 1 island and had a Satellite window to Europa but waited until the window was open to North America and then started working. The next day a big storm destroyed the antennas….. That is a disappointment one never forgets in a life time.

I enjoy it very much meeting al the EUDXF members at the Hamradio and other events like DVDRA 😊👍

Only sometimes it is so busy at the Hamradio there is not enough time to talk with everyone 😞 but we hope to make it good during the next event 😊

Next to this EUDXF “job” I have several other obligations as an VERON official. I also give presentations about ham radio related subjects and then always promote the EUDXF.

My way of life is having fun every day and “always look on the bright side of life”