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EUDXF supported DX

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EUDXF supports the 7O8AD – 7O8AE DXpedition to Yemen

It is our pleasure to announce that the EUDXF Board decided to support the november 2023 7O8AD – 7O8AE DXpedition to Yemen by Ken LA7GIA and Shani HA5DDX.

This small team will be active from Socotra Island AF-028 (LK72cq) November 3-16, 2023.
Tent and generator operation, limited facilities at Dhihamri, grid locator LK72CQ

  • Two generators, one main and one spare.
  • 2-3 stations on the air with focus on CW/SSB
  • 7O8AD Ken: 1x CW + 1xFT8 (SO2R light)
  • 7O8AE Shani: 1xSSB
  • 100W RIGs: Three 100W stations. No amplifier due to weight restrictions.
  • Thanks to Expert Electronics for sponsoring us with a SunSDR2 DX! https://eesdr.com/en/
  • Band: 160-10m. No band plan, use the VFO. FT8 will be WSJT-X F/H or MHSV – never on standard frequency.
  • Antennas: Verticals and VDA close to saltwater, clear beach take off.

Everyone who donate via paypal kenneth@opskar.no will receive Direct mailed card + LoTW. This paypal is for both callsigns.
More info on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6878768972146047

The 37EUDXF Activity month is just a month away

With the 37EUDXF Activity month November just a month away we are pleased to report that at least 14 Special Event Stations have confirmed to be active in November coming:

  • HA37EUDXF by HA5MA and friends
  • OP37EUDXF by ON6CC
  • PA37EUDXF by PA1AW
  • PB37EUDXF by PB5X
  • PC37EUDXF by PC4E
  • PD37EUDXF by PD4RD
  • PF37EUDXF by PB7Z
  • PG37EUDXF by PG5M
  • TM37EUDX by F6EXV and friends

Other countries are expected but not confirmed yet.

A fine line-up with a diversity of preferred modes.
14 active stations looks promissing for a real activity month.

Again this year there will be is a special 37EUDXF award available.
Details of this will follow as soon as the overall line-up is confirmed.

Registration for your 37EUDXF station for this event is still welcome, especially from those countries that are not confirmed at this stage. Information @ Alex PA1AW

EUDXF supports the WRTC2022

In July, 2023, amateur radio competitors from every corner of the world will gather in northern Italy to compare their skills on an even playing field in what has become known as the “Olympics” of amateur radio competitive events, the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC 2022). The competing teams will operate from sites in Bologna area. 

The World Radiosport Team Championship 2022 will take place near Bologna, Italy  July 8th-9th 2023.
The EUDXF will support this event as a site sponsor for team AF2:

And yes, we were certainly a little proud about the response we got when we shared our sponsorship with the WRTC commitee:

“It a pleasure the One of the oldest EU foundation is supporting this unique event”