#899 – PA0RRS – Richard

Most activity is as DX-ing and after my retirement in 1997 also a lot of activities from other countries

ACTIVITY TILL NOW AS: DA1IE, PA0RRS/LX, 9M6/PA0RRS, 9M2/PA0RRS, OE6/PA0RRS, VK4SRW, DL/PA0RRS, 9M6/PA0RRS/8, 9M6/PA0RRS/2 , now also 9M2MRS last activity was from CT3/PAoRRS and YB9/PAoRRS (Bali island)


now also active in RTTY, PSK, FT4, FT8 and JGot my licence in 1974 in Germany as DA1IE and returned to the Netherlands in 1976 with the callsign PA0RRS. T


since mid april 2021 also active on 60 meters