#695 – PA3FQA – Dick

I was born in 1963 and started amateur radio in June 1990. Have been active on all 10 HF bands since. I do hold 10 band DXCC and top off the honor roll in Mixed and SSB. And need 1 more in CW. My main interest at the moment is 160m CW. Worked 297 and confirmed 297 current DXCC, all of them are in CW. Latest DXCC worked on top band 9J2LA. T30GC, 8R1/AH0G, VI9NI, XR0ZRC. Including deleted I do have 300 now on 160m.

I have been active from most countries in Europe, and also as VP5/PA3FQA, FM/PA3FQA, J79QA, FG/PA3FQA, VP8DEI, VP8THU, VP8GEO, OY7QA.