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DXpedition Support

It is not easy to determine if and with what amount an expedition will be supported. In general it can be said that the expedition’s destination has to be in the top of the Most Wanted List. IOTA activities will only be considered when the entity to which the island belongs is also in the Most Wanted List.

When you apply for support the following items will be considered:

  • Position in the Clublog Most Wanted List for Europe.
    • As a guideline a position within the Top 100 is required.
  • Recent activities from the country you will go to
  • Expected number of QSO’s
  • The expedition team
  • Equipment and antennas
  • Overall costs
  • EUDXF membership
  • QSL practice
  • The operation must be accepted for DXCC credit
  • Educational and humanitarian activities

Applications for support by filling in this Excel form shall be sent to office@eudxf.eu

Your obligations

Once support has been granted we expect the following from the expedition:

  1. EUDXF Logo
    • The EUDXF logo should be printed on the DXpedition QSL cards.
      In exceptional cases approved by EUDXF the support can be mentioned in another format.
  2. Website
    • When the DXpedition has a website the support should be mentioned there, including the EUDXF logo.
  3. QSL Practice
    • The DXpedition shall at least answer all incoming QSL cards
    • Direct cards with sufficient compensation for return postage shall be answered via mail
    • All other cards via the bureau
    • The log will be uploaded to Logbook of the World within six months after the expedition.
    • An expedition QSL card shall be presented for the EUDXF QSL card collection.
  4. DXCC credit
    • The operation must be accepted for DXCC credit
  5. Expedition report
    • At the latest three months after the expedition took place an expedition report shall be available for publication in the EUDXF newsletter and the EUDXF website.
  6. EUDXF Flag
    • A lightweight EUDXF flag is available for the DXpedition team.
    • A team picture featuring this EUDXF flag/logo is mandatory.
      The flag can also be used for shack decoration.
    • If a flag is not available, an EUDXF logo printed on paper can be used.
  7. Deadline
    • After three months obligations 1 to 5 should be fulfilled.
      If this is not the case, we will send a reminder to respond within 2 weeks.
      By not receiving a response, the EUDXF board can decide to withdraw the support.

Payment of sponsorship

After successful completion of the DXpedition and when the above requirements are met, EUDXF shall take care of the payment of the announced support to the applicants bank account.
The following information has to be provided:

  • name and address of the bank
  • bank account number
  • name of the account holder
  • address of the account holder
  • IBAN-number

Application for support

Applications for support by filling in this Excel form shall be sent to office@eudxf.eu

Latest update December 22, 2023