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EUDXF supports the 7O8AD – 7O8AE DXpedition to Yemen

It is our pleasure to announce that the EUDXF Board decided to support the november 2023 7O8AD – 7O8AE DXpedition to Yemen by Ken LA7GIA and Shani HA5DDX.

This small team will be active from Socotra Island AF-028 (LK72cq) November 3-16, 2023.
Tent and generator operation, limited facilities at Dhihamri, grid locator LK72CQ

  • Two generators, one main and one spare.
  • 2-3 stations on the air with focus on CW/SSB
  • 7O8AD Ken: 1x CW + 1xFT8 (SO2R light)
  • 7O8AE Shani: 1xSSB
  • 100W RIGs: Three 100W stations. No amplifier due to weight restrictions.
  • Thanks to Expert Electronics for sponsoring us with a SunSDR2 DX! https://eesdr.com/en/
  • Band: 160-10m. No band plan, use the VFO. FT8 will be WSJT-X F/H or MHSV – never on standard frequency.
  • Antennas: Verticals and VDA close to saltwater, clear beach take off.

Everyone who donate via paypal kenneth@opskar.no will receive Direct mailed card + LoTW. This paypal is for both callsigns.
More info on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6878768972146047