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EUDXF 33 Award is very populair

Now, on day 12 of the EUDXF Activity Month, the number of award applications exceed the situation of last year. The activity on the bands by the various Special 33 EUDXF stations apparantly helps a lot to get the required QSO’s logged for the award.

I have to emphasize that this years 33 EUDXF Award rules differ from the rules of previous years. So please check out your application complies to this year requirements to avoid “problems”. Click here for this years rules.

Some of the 33EUDXF station will disappear in the coming days as their license is only for a limited number of weeks, whilst other will show more activity in the 2nd part of the EUDXF Activity month.

I like to thank the operators of the various 33EUDXF stations for their commitment and activity for the EUDXF.