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XR0YD – Easter Island expedition 2018 report

The XR0YD  team delighted us with a nice report of their experiences during the 2018 DXpedition to Easter Island. A true adventure …..

What about this paragraph ….:

We came with lowered expectations what means conditions on the higher bands…. boring day-shifts with white noise from 10 to 17 meters? Nothing like this, conditions turned and we found ourselves in tremendous CW- and SSB-pileups on those bands, even with Europe and Japan. The US-stations were just behind the housedoor. So it was not surprising, that we reached  our first goal (30.000QSOs) 5 days earlier than planned. We ended up with good 46.000 QSOs, whereof  almost 50% were made with North America and remarkable 30% with Europe.


This was the first time we operated FT8 beside RTTY as a digital mode. We did not use the contest-mode, nevertheless we had around 5.000 contacts in that mode. The numbers of FT8-users is growing and it seems me, that FT8 will become a must for dx-peditions in the future. Being an active radio-amateur for more than 50 years my attitudes seem to be a little bit old-fashioned, but I am still thinking twice about FT8 and other digital-modes between the „standard-modes“ SSB and CW…..

The full report will be in the next EUDXF Newsletter, one of the benefits for EUDXF members.

Group-photo from left to right: DL7VEE/DJ9KH/DM3BJ/DL4SVA/DL7JOM/DH8WR/DL2RNS/DL5CW/DM2AUJ/DL2AWG
Group-photo from left to right : DL7VEE/DJ9KH/DM3BJ/DL4SVA/DL7JOM/DH8WR/DL2RNS/DL5CW/DM2AUJ/DL2AWG

Further infos on xr0yd.mydx.de