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TN5E Report

TN5E having an antenna party….

Ken LA7GIA presented the EUDXF with a very nice report and dito pictures.

The full story with very nice pictures will be in de next newsletter for EUDXF members, but could not resist to share a “snif” with you all on the website:


Going on a solo trip it is simply not possible to cover all openings on all bands. A solo trip will keep you busy and out of trouble. If you have tried to operate full time in one of the big contest weekends, you can imagine extending that to 9-10 consecutive days. Going solo is like a combination of CQWW and field day. There is not much time for sightseeing. In between the pileup stuff you need to look after the antennas, check the RFI problem, grab some food, read the emails (as you’re the pilot), maybe relocate one antenna, tell your buddy to tell your wife you are ok, talk to the locals about your weird radio stuff, send your kids a nice picture from Africa, and tell your boss that you didn’t bring the corporate computer and he must QRX for 9 days.

Those still wondering why TN5E was not there 24/7 for you, or still in doubt wether to go on a solo DXpedition should surely read the full report.

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