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Kosovo a DXCC entity?

flag_of_kosovoYou may remember the statement I made in September 2012 when I visited Kosovo: “This is not about DXCC but to reintroduce amateur radio in Kosovo after more than 20 years”. The reintroduction of amateur radio in Kosovo is a fact and we hear Kosovar amateurs on the air often. We saw Z61FF and Z61VB alive in Friedrichshafen, where I invited them for a most enjoyable dinner and where they were introduced to several important players in our amateur radio community.

Kosovo as a DXCC entity is what DX-ers are really waiting for of course. The DXCC program is run by ARRL and under the current rules it is not possible to recognize Kosovo as a separate entity. I am pleased to notice that the ARLL Board of Directors at its July 2013 meeting asked that the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) study and and if warranted, recommend changes to the DXCC rules. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.