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EUDXF supported DX

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ZL7/SP5EAQ shack with the EUDXF Logo

EUDXF Member Jacek SP5EAQ showing the EUDXF logo in his shack on Chatham Island ZL7/SP5EAQ.

From 20th October 2023 Jacek will be staying for two weeks at Chatham Is. IOTA-038 (including CQWW DX SSB entry but contest QSOs will be visible in on-line log only after the contest log submission deadline). He will be active on 10-80m bands, SSB only using ZL7/SP5EAQ.

Dxpedition Website http://chathams.sp7dqr.pl/

T2C waving the EUDXF flag

The T2C team proudly posing with the EUDXF flag.

EUDXF is proud sponsor of W8S Swains2023

Here we have the W8S Team presenting the EUDXF flag on the beach of Swains Island.

We trust many of our members made it in the W8S log.

Did you know this team has a considerable EUDXF content with 2 EUDXF board members and another 4 EUDXF members?