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11 days into the 35 EUDXF Activity Month…

Time for a little summary on the 35 EUDXF Activity Month:

  • All special callsigns have been active!
  • QSO count is 17000+ which already exceeds the totals of previous years!
    • Special note for UE35EUF here who really hit the air  🙂
  • Already 50+ “35EUDXF” awards have been applied for including a few Platinum!

And still over 2 weeks left in the 35 EUDXF Activity Month.

The 35EUDXF Award rules

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the EUropean DX Foundation the EUDXF presents the

“35EUDXF Award”

This award can be obtained by making contact with the various 35EUDXF station active from a number of countries during the November 2021 EUDXF Activity Month .

The award will be available in 4 different classes:

  • Bronze: 10 QSO’s with special 35EUDXF stations in at least 3 different countries
  • Silver: 15 QSO’s with at least 5 different 35EUDXF stations.
  • Gold: 20 QSO’s with at least 8 different 35EUDXF stations.
  • Platinum: 30 QSO’s with all activated 35EUDXF stations. (At least one QSO should be made with every 35EUDXF station activated in 2021.)

Please note that working the same station on the same band in the same mode is considered a dupe QSO and will not count for the award. Any other combination counts as a valid QSO.

The award will be available for free in an digital format.
A printed award will be made available against cost of  10 Euro/Dollar.

Valid stations for the award:  DL35EUDXF – OE35EUDXF – OQ35EUDXF – PA35EUDXF – PB35EUDXF – PC35EUDXF – PD35EUDXF – PE35EUDXF – PF35EUDXF – PG35EUDXF – PH35EUDXF – PI35EUDXF-UE35EUF

How to obtain this award?

Send a log extract showing the qso’s made to Alex PA1AW, the award manager.

The award is also available for SWL stations.
Please provide a log extract showing the QSO data including the station worked.

The awards will be issued after completion of the 35EUDXF activities.