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35EUDXF After Party

Another batch of awards were send out today and I receive many positive reactions to this years 35EUDXF activity and award. Thank you for that!

One commented that activity was lower towarts the end of the month.
I can only but confirm that. Not all special stations had a full month permit so that observation is correct but we depend on local regulations to sort this one out.

Some additional experiences from the 35EUDXF Team:

PG35EUDXF: some nice pileups on the higher bands and all HAM’s were very positive in there reactions.
I’ve worked even some stations from the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on 20M.
Spent much time as possible on the bands but during the week when I came home from my job the conditions were gone very fast so the weekends were the way to go.
Unfortunately the lower bands were a no go for me, I build a 40M endfed which was a succes but the QRM was terrible ,S9 plus plus!
Although I have worked some stations in FT8 on 40M with a indoor QRP loop and only 10 Watts it was not ideal.
I had a great time and a lot of joy during the event.
73 Dirk PA1BD EUDXF #973

By Ronald PA3EWP
This year I requested the PI35EUDXF callsign for the members of PI4COM which are also member of EUDXF.
This year we were only with 2 operators Ton PA1CC and I (and my computer) which made the QSO’s.
2 other operators of our club requested their private callsign PA35EUDXF by Alex PA1AW and PD35EUDXF by Dervin PD9DX.
It was again a great time and I was again surprised how many people were hunting for the special award.
But for me was the most importing thing to make some advertisement for EUDXF.
We operated also in 3 contest for a few hours. Most of the time we were running instead of Search and Pounce.
If you called in CW, the fist answer was a question mark and in SSB: again? So, running was the best way hi!
I did my best with nearly 4.000 QSO’s from home and our conteststation PI4COM on 70cm till 80 meters.
It was fun, and I don’t hesitate to do it again next year with PI36EUDXF hi.


The first batch of 35EUDXF awards are issued

It is our pleasure that today the first batch of 35EUDXF awards were issued and sent out, in total 205 awards.

The large number of Platinum awards proves that the activity month has been a real activity month. No fewer than 8 stations managed to work in all 35EUDXF stations and thus obtain the platinum award, a great achievement.

If you also have 35EUDXF stations in your log, you may also qualify for a 35EUDXF award. Look here for the rules

35EUDXF Activity Month is history

It is early December so the 35EUDXF Activity Month of November is history.
And for sure it was and activity month…….
Daily the various 35EUDXF Special Event Stations were to be found on the various bands and modes.
An estimated total of OVER 45000 QSO’s prove there have been plenty of activity.

Some feedback from the 35EUDXF operators:

OQ35EUDXF went well for me. I was mostly QRV in FT8, due to my busy work schedule, but managed more than 2500 QSO’s.
The thing that I wanted to test has worked flawless. I coupled my N1MM logger with the Clublog “live” and this worked nice!
Got some nice mails from stations that wanted a sced with me to gain the award… Nice to see people do everything to get into the log, hihi
73’s Marc, ON6CC, OR3A

I had a great experience when operating PB35EUDXF in the month of November. A lot of stations around the globe were searching for EUDXF S.E.S. so I hope they may have worked a lot of us and have scored enough points to request one of the different Awards available.
Thank you all for another great EUDXF activity and see you next time.
73 Bob PB5X

OE35EUDXF;  I have had consistently positive experiences with the activity, I was a few days off cause of QRL and CQWW weekend but I managed to log 7123 QSOs. Unfortunately, the callers in CW compared to my EUDXF activations in the years 2016 and 2018 have declined significantly, without cluster spot no traffic at all but I must say that 40m and 80m was always good for big CW pile ups. In contrast to the FT8 operation where always quickly a pile up has come about. The QSL cards are printed and I start already with the dispatch of the OQRS requested bureau and direct QSLs.
73 Jo OE6VIE

So also “the other side” had a great time…

I allready received approx 150 35EUDXF award applications and still daily new ones come in. As soon as all logs are availble for checking the awards will start coming out. Hopefully before Xmas.

More info on the 35EUDXF Award:  click here