HG33EUDXF report

Dear Friends,

I joined for this activity on first word.

The first days the pile-up rised up quickly and was very enjoyable.
Days later I needed to use the Dx Clusters to get more callers. New age…L

I was very busy with my work so the daylight operation was very limited for me. My QSOs were made mostly on 80 and 40 m bands at early morning and evening time. I operated on CW, SSB and RTTY but mostly on CW. (it is a family friend silent mode… 🙂 )

I’m living in the central part of our town. There are many 4 stories buldings with lot of flats, with terrible lot of swiching power suplies and battery chargers. This equipments generated noise alone and mixed together, the reason is stable S8-9 noise level on all bands. The propagation is very poor in the bottom of Sun activity, so these two things doing to hard to copy the weaker stations.

I made 3736 QSOs in it 2635 unique calls from 73 DXCC entities.

In this period we have got 2 little boys, The Twins are our wonderful grandchildren. We are very happy! 🙂

73 to all de Laci HA0HW operated HG33EUDXF


The PG33EUDXF was my first serious activity as a new full licence HAM operator from the Netherlands (upgraded in september 2019), so I was happy to be able to be active at more bands then before. Operated before as a novice HAM with the PD..EUDXF callsigns.
Propagation as expected, was not great, but I could manage to make nice contacts outside of Europe, so I am satisfied.
Thanks to everyone who joined and made the contact with us and hope to hear from you next time again.

vy 73 de PG7M Robert ( PG33EUDXF )

PG7M – HEX beam

33EUDXF Awards issued

The first batch of 33EUDXF Awards have been issued.
In total 178 awards to 106 different stations are sent.
A special achievement is made by SM4IED, OM3CND, R4AN, E72A, HA1ZH, VO1SA, SV1AJO and HA7XL by obtaining the Platinum status of the award.