EUDXF supports VU4R Dxpedition

The EUDXF Board decided to support the upcoming VU4R DXpedition to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The VU4R Team will be on the air March 20-31 mainly focusing on 160, 80 and 40 and hoping to get on 60 meters too, a first time thing from there. They will also be in the CQ WPX Contest.

On the operator list for this Andamans operation are VU2ABS, VU2BGS, VU2DED, VU2DSI, VU2GHO, VU2KWJ, VU2NT, VU2RS (ex-VU3RSB) and VU3UFE.

The QTH will be the northern tip of Neil Island with a clear shot to Europe and North America. All the antennas will be on the beach.

QSL via M0OXO.

There will also be a Club Log upload when the network connection allows.

There will be at least three stations on the air. They will have a SteppIR and hexbeam for the higher bands and verticals for the lower ones.

More info on their website:

T30ET – Postponed for COVID-19

Alex 5B4ALX writes to the EUDXF:

I am extremely sorry to inform you and all the donors that I have just received the following communication from the Ministry of Health of Kiribati:

Mauri Alessandro

you will need to undergo the 14 days quarantine in Honiara and to obtain a medical clearance before travelling to Kiribati

ko rabwa

Therefore T30ET is currently postponed to October 2020

I am considering, if Singapore Airlines does not agree to reprotect me in October, rather than losing 5000 eur of tickets and baggage allowance, an alternative destination that can be reached from Brisbane without travel restrictions but I don’t see many alternatives.

5B4ALX – Alex

News about T30ET – Western Kiribati

Alex 5B4ALX shares the following information with us:

Hi dear, I would like to inform you of some news on T30ET.
Air Solomon informed me on Friday about the cancellation of my return flight from Tarawa to Solomon then Brisbane in the reason of changing the weekly day of the flight (only one flight per week lands), proposing to bring forward to March 31st instead of April 2nd.
After a careful economic and impact assessment on the activities, I decided to postpone the return to April 7th.
This will involve an additional expense of over 1000 USD but I think the right choice instead of paying penalties for having two days less.

The new scheduled dates are therefore March 18 – April 7.

This will allow more people to have a T30ET log

More info: