News about T30ET – Western Kiribati

Alex 5B4ALX shares the following information with us:

Hi dear, I would like to inform you of some news on T30ET.
Air Solomon informed me on Friday about the cancellation of my return flight from Tarawa to Solomon then Brisbane in the reason of changing the weekly day of the flight (only one flight per week lands), proposing to bring forward to March 31st instead of April 2nd.
After a careful economic and impact assessment on the activities, I decided to postpone the return to April 7th.
This will involve an additional expense of over 1000 USD but I think the right choice instead of paying penalties for having two days less.

The new scheduled dates are therefore March 18 – April 7.

This will allow more people to have a T30ET log

More info:

HG33EUDXF report

Dear Friends,

I joined for this activity on first word.

The first days the pile-up rised up quickly and was very enjoyable.
Days later I needed to use the Dx Clusters to get more callers. New age…L

I was very busy with my work so the daylight operation was very limited for me. My QSOs were made mostly on 80 and 40 m bands at early morning and evening time. I operated on CW, SSB and RTTY but mostly on CW. (it is a family friend silent mode… 🙂 )

I’m living in the central part of our town. There are many 4 stories buldings with lot of flats, with terrible lot of swiching power suplies and battery chargers. This equipments generated noise alone and mixed together, the reason is stable S8-9 noise level on all bands. The propagation is very poor in the bottom of Sun activity, so these two things doing to hard to copy the weaker stations.

I made 3736 QSOs in it 2635 unique calls from 73 DXCC entities.

In this period we have got 2 little boys, The Twins are our wonderful grandchildren. We are very happy! 🙂

73 to all de Laci HA0HW operated HG33EUDXF


The PG33EUDXF was my first serious activity as a new full licence HAM operator from the Netherlands (upgraded in september 2019), so I was happy to be able to be active at more bands then before. Operated before as a novice HAM with the PD..EUDXF callsigns.
Propagation as expected, was not great, but I could manage to make nice contacts outside of Europe, so I am satisfied.
Thanks to everyone who joined and made the contact with us and hope to hear from you next time again.

vy 73 de PG7M Robert ( PG33EUDXF )

PG7M – HEX beam