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Pista HA5AO started his Lesotho activity signing the special callsign 7P8EUDXF celebrating 30 years anniversary of “European DX Foundation” (EUDXF).

He hopes to be on the air starting Monday 17 Oct for at least 10  days – look for him on CW, late afternoon and evening / night. Blackouts are frequent, usually 15 minutes to 1 hour. If he unexpectedly disappears without sending QRX or QRT it is possibly due to a blackout.

There is Internet access, he will upload logs daily to OQRS on – HA5AO.com– he will operate as much as possible.

Pista his main focus are his humanitarian projects at the orphanages in Lesotho.

QSO’s with 7P8EUDXF are also valid for 30 EUDXF Award

More info on www.ha5ao.com