EUDXF Website made it to “DXCC”

It took just over a year to achieve “DXCC” with the renewed EUDXF Website.

Over 51.000 visitors from 100 countries show the website shows that the website meets a need.
Of course we are always open to suggestions and wishes in relation to the website.
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DX-Treffen under the watchful eye of the castle in Bad Bentheim

On behalf of the EUDXF board  their President Dominik Weiel (DL5EBE) invited all members to the annual general meeting, during this years DNAT (German/Dutch Amateur Radio Days) in Bad Bentheim.

While some of the partipants, who arrived early, enjoyed their dinner in the Hotel Birkemeier,  Engelbertink (PA4UNX)  and Hans (DK3PZ) audited the financial statements of EUDXF. The casbook was once again perfectly prepaired by the cashier Robert F.Lörks (DL1EBV) and was released without any objections.

For all the topics of the meeting – as usual – detailed minutes were written.

Besides the official part of the meeting there was plenty of time for individual discussions, renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Ronald Stuy (PA3EWP) gave a highly interesting presentation about the Dxpedition to Pitcairn Island  with the call VP6EU.

See you next year in August 2018  during the 50th anniversary of DNAT in Bad Bentheim.

Hans DK3PZ