News from the 3D2EU team on Rotuma

March 10, 2018 – 17.00 UTC:

A short update:

We just passend 20k qso’s. With 5 days to go, reaching our goal of 30k we need a miracle.

During our Sunset and sunrise we tried to be active on 80 and 160m. The noise level on 160 is killing is. Even on the K9AY the signals are not better.

After our sunrise and sunset 20 and 17 meters are usable for Europa. We try to give the Europeans our priority above the others as this Path is very difficult and only available for a few hours compared to the other continents. The noise on 20 and 17 meters is most of the time around S5, so difficult to copy weak signals.

On Thursday we will disconnect our antennas and put them in the boxes for transport.

Hopefully we Will have à few good low band openings the coming days.

We leave Friday by plane to Suva. The boxes will be shipped by boat.

We will stay 2 days at Suva and meet our friend Tony 3D2AG, without him it would have been impossible to make this DXpedition.

EUDXF support for 3C3W / 3C0W DXpedition

We are happy to share with you that the EUDXF Board decided to support the currently active 3C3W / 3C0W DXpedition from Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea (prefix 3C and IOTA AF-010)  and Annobon (prefix 3C0 and IOTA AF-039) by Yuris/YL2GM, Kaspars/YL1ZF and Girts/YL2KL. After the success of the recent 3C3L / 3C0L DXpedition the EUDXF Board is confident that also this adventure will be a success and bring many of the demanding in Europe a new bandpoint.

More information about this DXpedition can be found at

3D2EU Update

A short update from the team at Rotuma 3D2EU:

The team is having a hard time keeping the antenna’s up as the weather is challenging them. Today a small tropical storm hits the island with winds up to 120 km/h. Such a environment does certainly not help in picking up the weak signals from a static loaded band. The temperature is +30C and humidity is extremely high.

As you can see from the pictures this is not a 5-star Rotuma-Hilton DXpedition. The building on the picture houses the radioshacks.