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EUDXF supports the TX7T DXpedition to Marquesas

The EUDXF is happy to confirm they will support the upcoming DXpedition to Marquesas, French Polynesia, by an international team.

The callsign will be: TX7T

Activity from 6 to 18 November 2019 by 8 operators: F6BCW VE7KW VA7DX W5RF W5MJ K5PI W5SJ and K4UEE.

Bands: 160m to 6m – Split on reception

Radio: 3 transceivers K3 with amplifiers 500W

Antennas: L inv 160m – 2 el Delta horizontal 80m – Hexbeam 2 el 40m and 20m to 10m – Vertical 2 el in phase 40m – Moxon 30m and 15m – Hexbeam 2 el 20m to 6m.

Modes: CW – SSB – FT8
Minimum 2 stations in operation 24 hours per day

More information on the website: http://marquesas2019.com/