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DL33EUDXF will be active in the EUDXF activity month

German EUDXF Members will activate this Special Event Station celebrating 33 years of European DX Foundation.


QSL for DL33EUDXF will be handled by Jan DJ8NK.

Clublog Online log and OQRS will be made available as soon the operations starts.

DL33EUDXF will also be valid for the 33 EUDXF Award.

Active 32EUDXF Activity month

Looking back at the November EUDXF activity month we can only but conclude that it was a succesfull event.

Twelve special 32EUDXF stations were active during November. In total they made over 16000 QSO’s and provided daily 32 EUDXF Activity in all modes on all bands.

Also the hunt for the 32AWARD was there. This unique award also brought questions like “when will Px32EUDXF be on CW?” etc.
A special thank you to all the operators of the Ses stations for their support to the 32EUDXF Activity month: DL7AFS, DF3EC, DJ9KH, DJ9ON, DK2HM, DL5XL, DL7DF, DL9GFB, DJ8NK, DJ5AN, PA4JJ, PA0GRU, OE4VIE, ON6CC, PI4COM, PD7RB, PB7Z, PA3ANF, PC2D, PA0ABM, PA0JED, PD9DX, PA3EWP and PA1AW.

All 32EUDXF Awards sent

Today all received applications for the 32EUDXF Award received their awards by email. 

In total 98 awards were issued to 47 different applicants.

  • 4 Platinum Awards
  • 16 Gold Awards
  • 31 Silver Awards
  • 46 Bronze Awards

John N4MM is the only “DX” application received. He managed the Bronze and Silver award.

Pavel OM3CND needed only 6 hours for the Bronze award and 10 days for the Platinum Award.

When you applied for an award but have not received it, please contact Alex PA1AW (pa1aw@eudxf.eu)