At the moment the idea was born during the drive to Bad Bentheim with my longtime friend Ronald PA3EWP we could not foresee that the special callsigns for 30 years EUDXF would result in the event it became…..

Operating PA3ØEUDXF was great fun despite the various issues which crossed my path keeping me from being as active as I had hoped for. Apart from the unexpected workload in normal live the PA3ØEUDXF activity was thwarted by antenna issues and finally in december a broken radio which forced an early QRT.

I like to thank Richard PD4RD who stepped in to help me when problems emerged and facilitated at least 50% of the PA3ØEUDXF QSO’s.

For me the 30 EUDXF Event did certainly not end on December 31. QSL requests for the various 30 EUDXF call I manage are rolling in, and so are the applications for the 30 EUDXF awards.

73 Alex PA1AW

The HG3ØEUDXF story



Just after I was asked if I would like to join the EUDXF 30 year anniversary celebration with a hungarian special call sign, I sent a respective request to the HA authority to issue the special call sign HG3ØEUDXF. After a week or so I received the desired licence! Thanks a lot to the HA PTT for their very quick response!

My first QSO was made on 30th of September at 1144 UTC during my lunch break (hi) just after I had opened my direct mail. The last QSO was made on 31st of December at 1929 UTC with 12533 QSOs in the log. Steve, HA9PP, had joined me and added some 1600 QSOs on digital modes.

Whenever I went QRT at the end of the day I uploaded the HG3ØEUDXF log file to ClubLog and LoTW. Occasionally, this happened even 3 to 4 times per day, hi!


I had enjoyed many good pile-ups. However, sometimes I got really angry due to local noise, strong QSB and not having enough free time to use my radio.

The HG3ØEUDXF QSLs are currently being printed and I will start processing the cards  as soon as I will receive the big package from the printing office.

We feel proud to have participated in this great celebration! Vy 73 / 44,


Steve, HA9PP (EUDXF #792) & Laci, HAØHW (EUDXF #646)

7P8EUDXF by Pista HA5AO


Pista 7P8EUDXF (HA5AO)

I spent two weeks at Lesotho again, between 15 – 29 October 2016. The primary purpose of the trip was to deliver humanitarian aid and support to orphan children. I was providing clothing, shoes and school supplies.

I applied for and used the special call sign 7P8EUDXF in order to participate in the 30 year anniversary celebrations of EUDXF. I was on the air in my spare time and 4027 QSO are in the log. The noise level on the low bands (160 and 80 m) was S7 to S9+, so there was no chance to work on these bands. The higher bands were not bad, except during the second week of my stay. There was a strong geomagnetic storm K=5-6 which had killed the propagation.

The online logsearch and OQRS are available at

The QSL cards just left the printshop and all  direct QSL cards will be posted by the end of January.

73, Pista, HA5AO




The 7P8EUDXF shack

The 7P8EUDXF antenna