EUDXF support for the April/May 2018 DXpedition to Solomon Islands H44 and Temotu H40

The EUDXF Board is happy to share their decision to support the April/May 2018 DXpedition to Russell (Solomon Islands H44) and Duff (Temotu H40) Islands by Cezar (VE3LYC) and Bernard (DL2GAC, H44MS).

Although the main target of this expedition is the activation of two rare IOTA’s, the DXCC entities H44 & H40 are still ranking high enough according to ClubLog’s Most Wanted List for Western EU to qualify for EUDXF funding.

Cezar VE3LYC has proven excellent results during his last year DXpedition to the Northern Cook Islands as E51LYC. Cezar is an avid DXer, with DXCC HR 338/343, 5BWAZ, IOTA 1082, and over 2750 DXCC Challenge. He prefers CW and is a member of FOC (#1994), but also keen on SSB. Bernhard (DL2GAC, H44MS) will join Cezar for the operation from Russell Islands (OC-168). Bernard his operations from various IOTA groups around the world, particularly in Solomon Islands, Temotu, and Papua New Guinea are also welknown to the DX Community.

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Sad news from the 3Y0Z team…

February 3, 2018, 2000 UTC: During the last 72 hours, we continued to experience the high winds, low clouds, fog and rough seas that have prevented helicopter operations since our arrival at Bouvet. No improvement was predicted in the weather forecast for the next four days. Then, last night, an issue developed in one of the ship’s engines.

This morning, the captain of the vessel declared it unsafe to continue with our project and aborted the DXpedition. We are now on our long voyage back to Punta Arenas. As you might imagine, the team is deeply disappointed, but safe. There is already talk about rescheduling the DXpedition,

Bob, K4UEE
Ralph, KØIR

Erling, LA6VM

We can only but imagine how difficult this decision must have been for the team. Lets hope they have a safe trip home…..

EUDXF donation delivered

The Z60A team operates from two different sites. One is on the campus of the Technical Faculty in Prishtina and the other one in a hotel some 30 km NW of the capital. After a week in which more than 30.000 QSO’s were made, we thought that we could allow ourselves to celebrate the fact that Kosovo is now a DXCC entity and that it is number one on the most wanted list. In the presence of Mr. Kreshnik Gashi, the Head of the Regulatory Authority, we looked back on how this  was achieved. Believe me this has not been easy. For our life member Martti OH2BH this was his 27th visit to Kosovo! I used the opportunity to hand over the EUDXF support to Vjollca Z61VB, the President of SHRAK (Shoqata e Radioamatorëve të Kosovës). The Z60A activity will last for another three weeks.