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results 2012 Eyeball contest

Here are the results of the Eyeball QSO contest, held at Hamradio Friedrichshafen 2012. 

  • 1st place Chris Janssen DL1MGB with 60 entities 
  • 2nd place T. Moghaddam (YL I0UZF) with 53 entities
  • 3rd place Ivan Hajosevic IV3CTS with 47 entities
  • 4th place Jennifer Persson SA7BUU with 44 entities
  • 4th place Per Nilsson SA7BQP with 44 entities 
  • 6th place Benjamas Klingler DO6BEN with 39 entities
  • 7th place Klara Lendvai HA5BA with 34 entities,
  • 8th place Peter Furedi HA5LC with 25 entities
  • 9th place Peter Kisapati HA8DU with 24 entities
  • 10th place Susann Pfaff HE9SUS with 23 entities
  • 11th place Milan Pivk S58MU with 8 entities
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