EUDXF supports the 6O6O humanitarian fundraiser DXpedition to Somalia

The EUDXF Board is happy to share their decision to support the 6O6O humanitarian fundraiser DXpedition to Somalia.

A team of two operators, Adrian KO8SCA and EUDXF member Ken LA7GIA, are going to 6O – Somalia. Date of operation will be Jan 3rd to Jan 16th 2018. They received an invitation from the Ministry to go to Somalia and make amateur radio transmission. License is granted as 6O6O.

Humanitarian aspect

In conjunction with this trip they setup a humanitarian fundraiser where all donations received will be given directly to Doctors Without Borders in Somalia. Also the support received from the DXcommunity will go to this humanitarian fundraiser. The operators will cover their own expenses.

In 2016 Ken LA7GIA did a similar fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in Central African Republic as TL8AO. That fundraiser ended on 11000 USD.

Somalia is a very poor country with an ongoing civil war. Doctors Without Borders quite recently returned to Somalia after having being absent for 4 years. They had to withdraw in 2012 after several attacks on their aid workers. In 2016 they returned, and we hope that the donation will be well received in Somalia as it will be earmarked their work in 6O. For more info of their work in Somalia , please see

A dedicated paypal address for donations is available:

More info is available on

Operation will be 160-10m. We will use the following equipment.

  • 2 x Radio Elecraft K3
  • 1 x Radio KX3 as backup
  • 2 Amplifiers: 1 KPA 500 and a 1 kW amplifier.
  • 2 el beam: 20-10m up 18 meter
  • 1 BigIR vertical 40-10m
  • 160+80 vertical antenna (inv L and fullsize 1/4 80m)
  • Several backup antennas
  • 1 beverage to EU/NA/VK/ZL 200m, 1 beverage to JA/SA 200m
  • Backup RX antennas K9AY loop, BOG antennas

QSL is via Charles M0OXO. LoTW and clublog will be uploaded.

They intend to offer instant clublog and LoTW upload (if wifi is working).

EUDXF supports 2018 DXpedition to Ducie Island – VP6D

The EUDXF Board is happy to share their decision to support the October – November 2018 DXpedition to VP6D – Ducie Island.

Ducie is an uninhabited Pacific island located in the Gambier Island Group, approximately 540 kilometers east of Pitcairn Island and 6,000 kilometers southeast of Hawaii. It is almost 10 years since the last Ducie Island DX-pedition and currently it is #27 on the ClubLog’s Most Wanted List. There is no scheduled air or sea transportation to the island. The callsign VP6D is issued to the team and travel visas and landing permission to conduct a DX-pedition in this restricted “Marine Protected Area” are at hand. The expedition ship Braveheart will provide transportation and logistics. The Braveheart has a proven track record of DX-expedition support.

The team consist of: Dave K3EL (Team Leader), Pista HA5AO and Les W2LK , Heye DJ9RR, Mike WA6O, Jacky ZL3CW, Arnie N6HC,  Steve W1SRD, Chris N6WM, Laci HA0NAR, Ricardo PY2PT, Walt N6XG, Vadym UT6UD and Gene K5GS

The callsign will be VP6D.

QSL managers will be K5GS and M0URX .

More info: VP6D.COM