EUDXF welcomes Rolf DL7VEE as a new member

DL7VEE – EUDXF New Member # 940

My name is Rolf. I am married with Heidi and we have two daughters. Born in 1950, my first contact with ham radio was in 1965 at school. At that time I became a SWL. Later in February 1968 I got my first license as DM3XHF.

Previous own calls were DM3XHF, DM2CMF, DT2CMF, DM3HF, Y23MF, Y23CO and DL7VEE since 1992. I am also a passioned DXpeditioner and participated in the following DXpeditions: 2 times HBØ/DL7VEE, 3 times ZB2/DL7VEE, ZP6/DL7VEE (2008), 9XØSP & 9UØA (2010), S9DX (2011), ZK2C (2012), 5WØM (2013), T3ØD (2014), V73D (2015), 4S7GWG/4S7RTG (2016) and MD/DL7VEE (2016). My last activity as XX9D to Macao was in February 2017. All logs are still open and colour QSLs are available via the respective QSL manager.

Personally I am interested in DXing on all bands in CW, SSB and Digimodes, collecting band points and from time to time participating in contests and collecting difficult awards. I am QRV from 160 m to 2 m on CW, SSB, RTTY, JT65 and FT8. QSL is 100% sure via direct, bureau, LoTW or via ClubLog OQRS. For my DXpeditions I only reply to incoming QSLs. Please send me a mail in case of missing confirmations.

Since December 2012 I have again confirmed DXCC HONOR ROLL Nr. 1 in MIXED & Phone by ARRL. My current DXCC ARRL scores are (31-DEC-2016): MIXED 339, SSB 339, CW 338, Digimodes 332

Best 73s,

Rolf, DL7VEE

EUDXF supports the 6O6O humanitarian fundraiser DXpedition to Somalia

The EUDXF Board is happy to share their decision to support the 6O6O humanitarian fundraiser DXpedition to Somalia.

A team of two operators, Adrian KO8SCA and EUDXF member Ken LA7GIA, are going to 6O – Somalia. Date of operation will be Jan 3rd to Jan 16th 2018. They received an invitation from the Ministry to go to Somalia and make amateur radio transmission. License is granted as 6O6O.

Humanitarian aspect

In conjunction with this trip they setup a humanitarian fundraiser where all donations received will be given directly to Doctors Without Borders in Somalia. Also the support received from the DXcommunity will go to this humanitarian fundraiser. The operators will cover their own expenses.

In 2016 Ken LA7GIA did a similar fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in Central African Republic as TL8AO. That fundraiser ended on 11000 USD.

Somalia is a very poor country with an ongoing civil war. Doctors Without Borders quite recently returned to Somalia after having being absent for 4 years. They had to withdraw in 2012 after several attacks on their aid workers. In 2016 they returned, and we hope that the donation will be well received in Somalia as it will be earmarked their work in 6O. For more info of their work in Somalia , please see

A dedicated paypal address for donations is available:

More info is available on

Operation will be 160-10m. We will use the following equipment.

  • 2 x Radio Elecraft K3
  • 1 x Radio KX3 as backup
  • 2 Amplifiers: 1 KPA 500 and a 1 kW amplifier.
  • 2 el beam: 20-10m up 18 meter
  • 1 BigIR vertical 40-10m
  • 160+80 vertical antenna (inv L and fullsize 1/4 80m)
  • Several backup antennas
  • 1 beverage to EU/NA/VK/ZL 200m, 1 beverage to JA/SA 200m
  • Backup RX antennas K9AY loop, BOG antennas

QSL is via Charles M0OXO. LoTW and clublog will be uploaded.

They intend to offer instant clublog and LoTW upload (if wifi is working).

VP2MDL report in the upcoming news letter

Maybe you were one of the 36.780 QSO´s made by the VP2MDL DXpedition to Montserrat. Like most DXpeditions it was not just fun in a sunny holiday destination. Also this team encountered challenges and highlights. There full report will be in the upcoming EUDXF newsletter

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