EUDXF supports the March 2019 XR0ZRC DXPedition to Juan Fernandez Islands CE0Z

The EUDXF is happy to announce they will support the new adventure by the Russian Robinson club to Juan Fernandez Island CE0Z during March 2019.The DXpedition callsign will be XR0ZRC.

The Clublog Most Wanted ranking for CE0Z based on Europe is #63 mixed mode with a higher demand on the lowbands especially 160m and 80m.

More information on the website:

2018 TX0A / TX0M DXpedition Report

The EUDXF received a detailed report of Cezar, VE3LYC, about the 2018 TX0A / TX0M DXpedition including photos in high resolution. This report will be in the upcoming EUDXF Newsletter which will go to all EUDXF members. The pictures below will give a first impression of this DXpedition.

EUDXF welcomes Dirk PA1BD as a new member

Dear members of the EUDXF,

my name is Dirk, I was born in 1964 and my callsign nowadays is PA1BD. I got involved in radio in the early 1980’s and discovered DX a few years later on the 11 meters band like many of us I think. It was a great time working DX with QRP power and a homemade HB9CV 2 elements beam. In these years I was (and still I am) an SWL and became a member of VERON who assigned the listener number NL-10355 to me.

I started to study for amateur radio license back in 1990 and succeeded in April 1991 for my C license (PE1OAV) which gave me access to the VHF and higher bands plus a special permit for 50 MHz. I’m not very intrested in VHF as my goal was HF, so I had to learn the morsecode to get my A license. In December 1992 I passed the morsecode test and received the callsign PA3GHP. Back in 1998, ham radio amateurs got the opportunity to obtain a vanity callsign. Therefore, I changed my callsign a couple of times in PA9KW, PA2C and recently since the 1st of August 2018 in PA1BD which will be my final callsign. The things I like most in ham radio is working DX, contesting, building antennas and Dxpeditioning. The modes I prefer are SSB and CW. I also like to experiment with vertical antennas near the seacoast.

In 2010 I visited a friend of mine, VK5ZMM, in Adelaide South Australia. We came up with the plan to go on IOTA DXpedition and activate Kangaroo Island (OC-139) for a couple of days and so we did with my Australian callsign VK5AUQ. It was a great experience and we’ve learned a lot. Maybe in the future there will be an opportunity to go on DXpedition again, I hope so. I have also been a member of the PI4COM Contestgroup Oude Maas for several years and learned a lot from Ronald, PA3EWP, and Alex, PA1AW, about contesting.

Now I’m working on my pretty small home station. I have built an antenna mast myself, but due to special circumstances the mast is still on the ground in the garden. Fortunately the future looks a bit better now and I can go on with building up my station. I just ordered a Hexbeam G3TXQ at Anthony’s, MW0JZE. I hope to put up mast and antenna in springtime. Hamradio is fun and I love it!

73 es gud dx de Dirk, PA1BD (EUDXF # 973)