The first ever DXpedition to icy Market Reef landed on December 27th of 1969 and put OJ0MR on the air. The first operators were Sigge, OH0NI (SK), Martti, OH2BH, Erkki, OH2BW (SK) and Raimo, OH2KK. Soon after the first operation, the permanent lighthouse keeper Karl-Erik, OJ0MA also hit the airwaves. A stream of DXpeditions followed. These later DXpeditions kept OJ0 a dream location for hundreds and hundreds DXpeditioners, allowing them to discover the light and become performers within the admired DXpedition industry.

The Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) had helped OJ0MA become a household DXer and later a great ham as OH0NA, while later-on, the NCDXF and OHDXF assisted the Finnish Light House Society (FLS) to restore the beauty of this remote DX outpost between Aland Islands and Sweden.

The 2019 season will see many veteran DXpeditioners returning to their dreamland to provide OJ0 QSOs to those who deserve – the Deserving! Their return will enable them to once again experience the camaraderie and friendship only a true DX location can provide. Adding to the crew will be upcoming OH and SM youngsters!

The invited guests of the season are: CO8DM, E21EIC, E20NKB, W5XU, DS4EOI, JH4RHF, JE6HIB, PB2T, DJ9ZB, DL3DXX, DJ4MF, DL5SE, SM0W, SA0LAT and others. They will be hosted by OH3WS, OH3JR, OH2BH, OH2TA, OG2M, OH2PM, OH4EA, OH6FSG, OH6LSR, OH6KV, OH6OK, OH6NJ and the younger vintage of OH2FB, OH1UBO and OH3UAF.

The activity is in several phases throughout the summer and may even extend to the hard winter season in order to capture the best low-band openings.  It all starts this Saturday June 8with OJ0AW and OJ0JR. Next, following the international week of July.06 will be OJ0A and OJ0Z. Then the IARU Contest weekend of June 13/14 with OJ0B and then turning to Youth Week of OJ0C from July.15 and IOTA week of July.27 (OJ0DX) and Light House weekend of August.1 (OJ0O).  The OJ0-regulars Pasi, OH3WS/OJ0W, Henri, OH3JR/OJ0JR; Martti, OH2BH/OJ0BH and Pertti, OG2M/OJ0MR will take the slots along with their official duties

There are twenty-one valid OJ0 licenses. More than 50% are expected to be active during this year. If you work five of them (5) in 2019, a special award will be released. If you work ten (10) of them in 2019, you will qualify for a special award and a symbolic key to the light house. Your log extract should be submitted to Pasi, OH3WS, the contact person between the FLS and the global ham fraternity.

The Aland Islands Postal Administration will also release a special Market Reef stamp to commemorate Market’s 50thDXCC year for philatelist community. The special stamp on a Market Reef postcard can be obtained from the Market Reef Post Office with appropriate stamping at the cost of 4.00 Euros from Pasi, OH3WS/OJ0W.

And finally, as the sugar at the bottom, the Aland Island boat captain Fredrick will provide a day tour to those who want to see this wonderland and make few contacts on their own from OJ0 on July.10 and July.16. Please contact Martti, OH2BH for details at

73 Hans PB2T

DX dinner 2018 at Hamradio in Friedrichshafen

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DX dinner 2018 at Hamradio in Friedrichshafen, this year on Saturday evening !
Also this year again the EUDXF members and partners are cordially invited to attend the EUDXF DX dinner, this will take place in Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang. ( on Saturday 22 Jun 2019. The start will be around 19:00 local time. Participation is only possible for EUDXF members who paid their annual dues including 2019 and who have made a reservation in advance. Reservations are on a first come first served basis. The maximum number of participants is 50. Reservations can be made until Jun 22 nd 2019 via the EUDXF stand manager Jan PA1TT (e-mail reservation until 15 Jun: pa1tt at eudxf . eu). Except for those with dietary requirements (please tell Jan) there will be a set menu. We hope to see you there.

DX Dinner auf der Hamradio in Friedrichshafen, in diesem Jahr am Samstagabend !
Auch in diesem Jahr sind die EUDXF Mitglieder und Partner zum EUDXF DX Dinner herzlich eingeladen. Es findet statt im Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang. ( am Samstag 22 Juni 2019. Angefangen wird um 19:00 Uhr Ortszeit. Teilnahme ist nur möglich für EUDXF Mitglieder, die ihre Jahresbeiträge einschließlich 2019 gezahlt und eine Reservierung im Voraus gemacht haben. Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst. Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl beträgt 50. Reserviert werden kann bis zum 22 Jun 2019 über den EUDXF Standleiter Jan PA1TT (E-Mail Reservierung bis 15 juni: pa1tt at eudxf . eu). Außer für diejenigen mit Diät (Mitteilung an Jan) wird es ein Menü für alle geben. Wir hoffen, euch dort zu sehen.

DX dîner à Hamradio à Friedrichshafen, regarder cette année le samedi soir !
Cette année, de nouveau les membres EUDXF et leurs partenaires ont l’occasion d’assister au dîner EUDXF DX, qui prendra place à nouveau Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang.( le vendredi, le Samedi 22 Jun 2019. On commence vers 19:00 heure locale. La participation est possible uniquement pour les membres EUDXF qui ont payé leur cotisation annuelle, y compris 2019 et qui ont fait une réservation à l’avance. Les réservations sont sur une base du premier arrivé, premier servi. Le nombre maximum de participants est 50. Les réservations peuvent être faites jusqu’au 22 er Junio 2019 via le Jan PA1TT manager stand EUDXF de (Email réservation jusqu’au 15 Junio: pa1tt à eudxf. eu). Sauf pour ceux qui suivent une diete (s’il vous plaît dire Jan) il y aura un menu. Nous espérons vous voir là-bas.

Anche quest’anno si terrà, la sera di sabato, la cena all’ Hamradio di Friedrichshafen !

Anche quest’anno i soci EUDXF e i loro partner hanno lk’opportunità di partecipare alla cena EUDXF DX, che ancora una volta avrà luogo presso Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang (
il giorno sabato 22 Giugno 2019 alle 19:00 circa, la partecipazione sarà possibile esclusivamente ai membri EUDXF in regola con il pagamento della quota annuale 2019 e che avranno effettuato la prenotazione con il dovuto anticipo; le prenotazioni seguiranno
la regola del primo arrivato primo servito. Il numero massimo di partecipanti è fissato a 50 posti, le prenotazioni dovranno pervenire entro e non oltre il giorno 22 Jun 2019 al nostro stand manager EUDXF Jan PA1TT ( prenotazione via e-mail fino al 15 giugno:
pa1tt at eudxf . eu ) Eccezione fatta per coloro che hanno particolari esigenze alimentari (prego informare preventivamente Jan PA1TT), è previsto un menù fisso. Con la viva speranza di incontrarvi tutti.

DX diner tijdens de Hamradio in Friedrichshafen, let op dit jaar op zaterdagavond !
Ook dit jaar is er weer voor de EUDXF leden en hun partners de gelegenheid om het EUDXF DX diner bij te wonen, welke weer zal plaatsvinden in Gasthof Traube, Storchenstraße 1, 88069 Tettnang. ( op zaterdag 22 Juni 2019. Het diner begint om 19:00 uur lokale tijd, Deelname is alleen mogelijk voor EUDXF leden die hun jaarlijkse contributie inclusief 2019 hebben voldaan en die een reservering hebben gemaakt. Reserveringen zijn op basis van wie het eerst komt het eerst maalt. Het maximum aantal deelnemers is 50. Reserveren kan tot en met 22 Juni 2019 via de EUDXF stand manager Jan PA1TT ( E-mail reservering tot 15juni: pa1tt at eudxf . eu ). Behoudens personen met dieetwensen (laat het Jan vooraf weten) zal er een vast menu zijn. Wij hopen u daar te zien.

Jan DJ5AN / PA1TT Standmanager.

E6ET QSL Desk – Friedrichshafen

We are pleased to announce that our active member Alex E6ET – 5B4ALX will be available to confirm the QSOs made with E6ET personally on Sunday 23 June at the EUDXF stand during Hamradio 2019 in Friedrichshafen.

He will not be able to sample the labels on the spot but will have to write every QSL for each QSO that will be verified with the log.